Lorde - Melodrama
Jul 27, 2017
I wrote a review about Miley Cyrus's release 'Bangerz' a while back because frankly, I enjoy the record. And the reason I like it enough to play it every so often is because Miley gives voice to the [American] youth of today in her song writing. The context of her writing clearly states the state of how shit is fo’ real for millions of youths. So, now I’m writing about Lorde’s latest. With 'Melodrama' I hear this very talented songwriter capturing the consciousness of young woman adulthood. There's a brooding vibe to her songs. She's contemplative. She looks cerebral. She's got a voice and a powerful tool in her ability to create music. 'Melodrama' is a CD that I have to come back to and let the groove envelope me... Fully. Which is what it does with each subsequent listen. Not mummify me. Or, cocoon me. Just full-on, envelope me. Where she goes 'south' n me is in how she's moved to a 'pop' sound which, in turn, makes her 'commercially' accessible. I need her artsy… complex… deep. Ms. Ella's going to be around for a long while and my wish is for her to delve deeper into her psyche and get artsy with her music. Make some Art Pop. Bust out her electronic coloring pens and gets busy pairing her lyricism to her music making more than she already does. Get ‘Fiona Apple’ on her fans! My suggestion: If I were a younger brudda... I'd buy this and enjoy it quietly by myself. Make it my guilty pleasure because of the sensitive nature of her writing, ya dig? Short on keesh? Get down to your local library and borrow a copy. This one's worth the effort. PS: My fav track is ‘Writer in the Dark.’ Piece out. She’s calling the cops on me!
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