AOTY 2023
Shpongle - Museum of Consciousness
Oct 6, 2019
My avoidance of Trance EM has much to do with the percussion being high in the mix. My ears like to seek out the rhythm line(s) and follow along. Put it in my face and you lose me instantly. So, it makes sense that I would purposely avoid EM bands making Trance music. Still, one develops different interests that sometimes contradict the original objection to a musical genre. My previous sampling Shpongle didn't last beyond 10-20 second snippets before I shut it down. However, while in the public library the other day I came across this album. I decided to borrow it and give Shpongle another chance. Popping the CD into my dash player I found myself instantly engaging mainly due to the psychedelic nature of the music. As the disc played further I enjoyed the various track elements, the superb sound mix, the occasional female vox and the fact that the percussion wasn’t throbbing in my earholes as if I was swirling in mad concentric circles at a local rave while under the influence of… [Smiles]. Not a bad record at all. Subsequently, I jumped onto Bandcamp to sample a bit more and found myself regretting that decision. Goofy eccentrics making EM are okay. But, for me… The playground of my mind requires a degree of sophistication not often realized by too many of the shite releases passing for music nowadays. Word.
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