Eric Nam - There and Back Again
Jan 13, 2022
Generic as generic comes. Of the few k-pop projects I’ve heard so far this year, this is far and away the worst. The themes are overplayed, unspecific tripe; the production is overblown and basic as hell, at times offensively over-polished; and Eric Nam’s performances here are way too bland and uninteresting to be part of a genre as infused with personality as k-pop. I feel like I’m having a trick played on me. This sounds like something that would have fit perfectly alongside Lewis Capaldi and the Chainsmokers on the radio during the mid-2010s, in the sense that it’s obnoxiously boring while clearly trying too hard to be more grandiose than it actually is (case and point: “Wildfire”). I could also see Nam being used to torture retail workers in much the same way those other acts are. I’d skip this if I were you; it genuinely makes me angry.
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