Ulises Valadez Contreras - Wrath of Apollo
Jan 23, 2023
Discreet, distinct and sort of dreery, Ulises Valadez Contreras’ ‘Wrath of Apollo’ is a solid instrumental hip-hop outing, as unique as it is undersold.

While a bit subdued for my tastes, I can certainly admire Contreras’ contributions to the style. With tremendous transitions and an ear for samples that fit the producer’s calm and mildly moody aesthetic, there is plenty to enjoy. A listener would get more out of this as a fan of duskier and ominous instrumentals that often trudge at a slow pace with the occasional detour into beauty. I, on the other hand, prefer more in-your-face beats, or my mind tends to wander. There isn’t my much here I remember, not to say there isn’t memorable material; there’s certainly lots of character in the soundscapes. The atmosphere carries the most personality the tape has to offer.

‘Wrath of Apollo’ may not be for me, but it is definitely a good record. If you like laidback, contemplative hip-hop, make sure to give the new Ulises Valadez Contreras a go.

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