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Apr 28, 2021 (updated May 2, 2021)
Only having a 60 rating is mind blowing to me, Tha Supreme has some of the best production I've heard anywhere. I can't understand Italian, but these beats are speaking a universal language, and they are at such a high level. I commend whoever worked on this album and did the production because I feel like I could listen to this album even without vocals. It gets even better with the vocals layered over the top of these beats, the mixing is absolutely top tier, and this guy really knows how to write a hook. Some rappers can only do verses well, and completely flop when it comes to the chorus, but Tha Supreme excels in both of these areas. His hooks are so good that it makes you wish you knew Italian so you can sing along to it, because it's that infectious.

5solo shows his skill when it comes to melodic vocals, and skilfully fast rapping through a verse making it sound easy, with many other rappers who try to sound good with the fast style proving that it isn't. Tracks 7-9 are particularly strong for me with blun7 a swishland showing how talented he is when it comes to catchy hooks. You won't find many better than that, then track 8 is the type of track you can listen to whilst driving around. I love the versatility that he shows in m8nster between his melodies, showing he knows how to perfectly ride the beat, and his great verses that he speeds up with just before slowing down to hit a melody. This guy is an alchemist when it comes to using his musical skills, and it all comes together for this song. Oh 9od is probably my favourite track on the album, it helps that Nayt is a great feature and destroys verse 2, no idea what the guy says but it's flames none-the-less.

I feel like it's possible that it's good I can't understand what he's saying, because there are a few English speaking artists with great production and voices, but their lyrics are just whack, and put you off. That's probably reflective of my opinion that production is more important than lyrics, the sound of the song matters more than whatever story they're telling. Good lyrics are usually just a + to an already good song, or for when you're in your feels but you can listen to this kinda music any day. I can't honestly remember the last time I seen an artist release such a great album, let alone debut album. Surprisingly for a trap rapper the instrumentals are so versatile and each have their own little spices, it never gets boring with the usual trap albums where they all start to sound the same. Longer album than I usually like but when you've got banger after banger, 21 songs doesn't feel so long.

Thanks Fifa21 for introducing me to Tha Supreme, can't wait to see his career play out.
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