Chip - Snakes & Ladders
Apr 27, 2021
I'm one of the biggest Chip fans you'll find, guy is easily one of the greatest artists to come out of the U.K, but this album really doesn't hit for me. Grime Chip is one of the greatest U.K artists, Dancehall and modern U.S rap Chip just doesn't get my interest at all. I would even say the boom-bap U.S rap Chip is half decent, I'm one of those fans that liked his music when he went to America.

A lot of auto-tune in this album, and that's just the last thing you expect to hear from a Grime MC. I respect the guy for making the music he enjoys, but just cause you can make one genre of music well, doesn't mean you can make them all. People love him for his sick pen game when dissing others, his wordplay, and flow over grime beats. None of these things are taken over to Dancehall, and only 1 of them can be used for the U.S rap style. It just feels wrong hearing Chip with high levels of auto-tune on his voice for the U.S style songs.

The biggest disappointment was getting Dizzee Rascal and JME on a track, just to have it be one of the worst on the album. The horrible-ass repetitive Siri sample saying "fire" was so bad, how did anyone listening to it honestly not flag up how bad that shit is and thought it sounded like the finished product? It's the type of thing I'd expect to hear from that Youtube channel DistantCry. I'm also not sure what to think about just tagging on songs that have previously done well, cause they're disses, so they weren't originally planned for the album, they were put on to sell more. Which is smart obviously, but it has "greatest hits" type of energy. If you take out the 2 diss tracks and Daily Duppy that were previously known to bang, I only enjoyed Hot 97, Eskimo Dance, and Grown Flex. Hot 97 was the one song that threw back to his Champion and 2011 days, which he can do pretty well. Eskimo Dance just has a banger of a beat, and both artists performed well over it. Grown Flex, well, if you know the sample then you know.
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