Jan 14, 2022
CAPRISONGS, like astrology, is heterogeneous and volatile, but still retains certain originality from one of the greatest artists of the new generation. The new mixtape by FKA twigs blazes a trail for popular sounds. Elements of contemporary R&B, Hip-hop and Afro-pop have never been more evident, and that's exactly where the album's highlights are. Similar to a birth chart, the singer deals with her feelings in a non-descriptive way, gliding through concise passages with her traditionally smooth and masterful vocals. Still, with some incomplete compositions and a variety of interludes, it might be uncomfortable to listen to the tracks in isolation when they are arranged with sections - in the first few seconds of several songs - that add little to the complete experience. However, this could be FKA's intention: to organize a compilation of songs and lines that portray moments that only she - or listeners with "Sagi moon, Pieces Ven, Capri Sun" - would understand, and this is the great charm of the record.

Best Tracks: meta angel, tears in the club, pamplemousse, lightbreamers, papi bones, jealousy, darjeeling, thank you song.
Worst Track: honda

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Jan 15, 2022
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