The Chemical Brothers - For That Beautiful Feeling
Sep 8, 2023
This is my first The Chemical Brothers album, although I know the band from certain bangers such as Go, so I didn’t know what to expect for the most part. Maybe I’m not cultured on the band, but it’s pretty easy to see why they’ve gained a large following, this is a strong example of how to create groovy, engaging and simply enjoyable electro/house. Through the first full track alone you understand the experience this band has as it gives you a brilliantly written beat, with synths riding the catchy instrumental and soft, smooth vocals that repeat throughout the track and easily get stuck in your head. It’s a great introduction to the album, giving you immediately high expectations. For me personally, the rest of the album was consistently solid, toning down the initial energy with some laid back grooves and even an R&B feel added in there, momentarily bringing back higher energy songs before closing the album with a, well, beautiful final track, that ends the funk with a transcendent sound and bringing back Halo Maud’s lovely vocals for a wonderful climax. If you are a fan of this style of music, you are guaranteed to get lost in this album with its passionate vibes and very catchy beats. Personally, it does drag on a bit through the middle and later stages of the album, and I’d much prefer this as background music, but I can certainly respect that this is a really good effort from a much loved band that I will be returning to!
Ye your not cultured on chem bros you need to listen to the first 3 albums. 10x better than the other stuff.
Hard agree that their first 3 albums are absolute bangers
Very fair review. Like the other comments say, Chem Bros have a lot of history and great bangers if you’re ever interested in looking into them. But don’t feel pressured, this new album synthesizes much of their sounds quite well.

And I’d recommend their 2019 album if you’re looking for a better modern touch point of Chem Bros’ Big Beat :)
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