There's something really cool here, but I'm really just not feeling it. Maybe I need to give it a couple more listens to understand. But the vocals. I just don't get it. I understand it's not meant to be taken super seriously but I still don't understand the hyper-aggressive vocal style. It's just not enjoyable, for me at least. It's quite the fascinating project with its jazz instrumentation and punk-rock sound. But I can't say I truly enjoyed it.
Liturgy - 93696
Ok, this was incredible. It's not at all my kind of music. But I tried my best to keep an open mind and I'm glad I did. This is some of the most unique metal I've ever heard. I'm honestly gonna have a hard time writing a proper review because some of this stuff is super complex and hard to really understand. But Liturgy delivered on showing some of the best musicianship in the metal genre that we've seen in a while. It's a long and tough listen but by the end you will find this to be a ... read more
Green Day - Father of All...
What the hell is this? Yeah it deserves all the hate it's getting. I'm glad I only had to sit through this for 26 minutes.
Fishmans - Long Season
Such a cool musical journey. All in one 35 minute long song. Just a great show of musicianship and creativity all around with this one. Cool ass piano loop, killer bass playing, and some wild drumming. And the occasional violins and guitars are nice. I really don't have many complaints with Long Season. Maybe some of the sections are a little too drawn-out but regardless this song doesn't drag on for that long. It is well worth the wait.
Invent Animate - Greyview
Dark - 75
Cloud Cascade - 75
Reflection Room - 70
Hollow Light - 70
Shapeshifter - 60
Monarch - 65
Fireside - 60
Secret Sun - 75
Eden - 80
Brightwing - 80
Halcyon - 65
Nova - 70

My first Invent song was Dark and ever since hearing that, I've been intrigued by their cool soundscape. The ambient clean sections are nice and add a unique touch to their metalcore sound. The vocals are pretty good. Nothing amazing, but I can't complain about them. Greyview has some inconsistencies but regardless is ... read more

The Angelic Process - Weighing Souls With Sand
It's certainly an interesting listen. The vocals fit perfectly with their sound but maybe I'm only saying that because it reminds me of Deathconciousness. There's a lot of great moments here as well. But I'm not totally sold on this being anything special. It certainly conveys what I think of as post-metal and shoegaze. But every song kind of ends up sounding the same. At the end of almost an hour long album, I kind of felt disappointed. I do, however, totally understand the appeal to this. I ... read more
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Well I see now why this is one of the highest rated folk albums on this site. It's amazing. The vocals alone are almost perfect. Loved every moment of it. His voice is just incredible and he seriously brings a lot of passion into his singing. Of course we got lots of acoustic guitars as well. The chord progressions weren't anything out of the ordinary but I didn't find that to matter too much. Still enjoyed this album very much.
The Ember, The Ash - Venerate / Abnegate
Venerate - 55
Abnegate - 40

I'm a sucker for some good symphonic metal but this was just a mess. The production is awful. The whole mix is just all over the place. The drums should definitely be way louder. And the instrumentation felt hard to follow along with and understand. There were no really meaningful moments that stuck. Some of the symphonic parts were cool and they were trying to create a unique atmosphere. But it really doesn't make up for how all-over-the-place these two tracks are. ... read more

Metallica - 72 Seasons
After hearing the singles, I didn't expect much. Lux Æterna was actually pretty good. But I didn't care for the others. But this whole album was a drag. There are a couple of fun riffs. Just a couple. Most come off as pretty bland and generic. The drums are basic and boring as hell. And don't even get me started on the guitar solos. Way too much wah pedal and just a bunch of forgettable licks and shred parts. And I really don't have much else to say. There's only so much we can expect ... read more
Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition
Such an unorthodox album but just stupidly fun. I can understand why some may hate his rapping style. But I think it's unique and interesting. I wish this album was a little more consistent. This could easily be in the 80 range for me if there weren't so many lesser tracks that feel kind of like filler. But it's still an extremely interesting album, anyways.
الجن - إستدعاء الرياح السوداء القديمة
Felt more or less the same from their 2019 demo. Some aspects were improved on slightly, though so I'll give them that.
Nickelback - Get Rollin'
I mean, it's as bad as I was expecting. They really didn't bother to try anything new or original. Just the same old recycled garbage they've been doing for decades. At least some of these songs might be sort of enjoyable in the background if you don't think about the music too much. But that doesn't really say much.
Adele - 30
If it wasn't for her amazing vocals, I really wouldn't care about this at all. And even then, it's nothing super special. At least it's not just a bunch of piano ballads. It's a little more dynamic than just that. But there's like four songs here that are over six minutes long. Kinda makes the album drag. But honestly, I liked this more than I originally anticipated.
Agalloch - The Mantle
Very very impressive. Quite the emotional journey. I love this style of folk metal with a heavy black metal sound as well. Their use of acoustic guitar is fantastic and they sound great in the mix. The Mantle may be a little lengthy, but have patience and there is a lot to explore with this record.
Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at Me
Well damn, I guess I'm the only one who felt nothing while listening to this. Basically the same fucking song over and over again. Jesus Christ I couldn't differentiate one song from the next. You've got acoustic guitars and vocals. Maybe we'll thrown in a fucking piano if we're feeling crazy. I'm not about to dive into the lyrics because I'm here to evaluate music. And this offers nothing musically interesting at all. Giving this a 50 is generous. Sorry for being so pissed off, but this is the ... read more
Have a Nice Life - The Unnatural World
A pretty good follow up to Deathconciousness. It surely doesn't hit the same, but HANL still displays their impressive post-punk and shoegaze soundscape. I didn't find The Unnatural World necessarily to be anything special even though it has its moments. But it's still a fine listen.
Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!
There's a lot of great songs on here. The instrumentation was all fun, at least in the scope of pop music today. I didn't always entirely love her vocals really, but she is obviously a talented singer. But it was an enjoyable album, regardless.
Gojira - The Way of All Flesh
Very good. This whole album is a riff-fest god damn. And it's definitely a whole different approach to prog death metal than we saw on From Mars to Sirius. I wouldn't say any of these tracks are spectacular by any means, but they are all good.
Papa Roach - Infest
Really doesn't hold up to today's standards. This just all comes off as a cringe-fest. The vocals are ass. He really can't rap well and certainly can't sing. The drums are all lame as shit. Same for the bass. And I really don't care for any of these guitar riffs. Yeah, maybe Last Resort has a decent riff but that's about it. Just a boring album that has very few redeemable qualities.
Burger King - You Rule. Jingles
6 of the greatest songs of all time. It's perfection.
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