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Avalio alguns álbuns que eu escuto enquanto espero pelos empregos que o Bolsonaro prometeu.
trippin off the beat kinda drippin off the meat grinder
Beyond ready for some music rating and perhaps a critique along with it. 100: Perfection 95+ : Edgeworth Seal of Approval 90: Excellent, Must Hear 80 - 85: Great, Must Hear 70-75: A Good Album 60-65: Satisfactory Result 50-55: Not terrible, But Not Impressive 40-45: Below Par "The Bargain Bin Realm" 30-35: A Bad Album "The Bargain Bin Realm" 0-25: GUILTY
Main kpop girly
100 - i like it 50 - mm reg 20 or less - horrible
New zeland
new account * 100 - magnific 50 - regular 40-0 - ugly kpop stan
🎶 listening to: nothing 🍁🟥⭐ H͟E͟L͟L͟O͟ ͟👋͟ welcome to my profile! i'm hex, and i review music whenever I'm bored, because i'm looking forward to find new music that i kin. if i make any mistakes, please let me know! i might be easily diverted with my reviews. *also not doing any lists atm T͟R͟A͟C͟K͟S͟/T͟O͟T͟A͟L͟ 😲😃😀🙂😐🤨😟😓😨 🟩🟩🟩🟨🟨🟨🟥🟥🟥 C͟O͟V͟E͟R͟ A͟R͟T͟ 😲😃🙂😐🤨😟😨 🟩🟩🟩🟨🟨🟥🟥 P͟R͟O͟D͟U͟C͟T͟I͟O͟N͟ 😲😃🙂😐🤨😟😓😨 🟩🟩🟩🟨🟨🟥🟥🟥
apreciador de rymcore, fantanocore e shonen coe segue la no last fm nunca pedi nada
ninguem precisa saber ou precisa?
Com muito ódio não consigo acessar meu perfil Mizinha, então começarei a usar este novo até que, quem sabe um dia o outro volte ao normal. Adoro fazer reviews , indicar bons sons e debochar de discos horríveis
Krusty Krab
Thank you for those who reads my reviews. I am actually growing in a rather cool rate so thanks. Anyways enjoy the reviews. Male - He/Him - Mixed Black and Hispanic Pfp by Me 100 - One of the best 90 - Wonderful 80 - Great 70 - Good 60 - Average 55 - Okay 50 - Mediocre 40 - Bad 30 - Awful 20 - Terrible 10 - Uhhhhhhh 5 - I cannot stand 0 - One of the Worst
thieriot the holiday party
he/him(ele/dele) Eu fico entediado muito rápido então 90% das minhas reviews é eu reclamando que álbum X é um tédio. E vocês que lutem.
Lake Titicaca
Only the highest quality shitposts. I rate albums on a scale of five, and tracks on a scale of ten. Wow, thanks so much for 200 followers!!!
somewhere in geneva, tiny boat
sock (they/them) music enjoyer top 1% kendrick listener apparently i love tkay maidza if you follow me then ily 80+ loved 25- hated i rate things how i feel like it just having fun
20 year-old French dude who digs music. I especially love art pop, trip hop and progressive hip hop.
Ordinary Person (any pronouns) Glad to review album/single/ep if u send it to me Thank u for 100 followers! You all rock! Discord: BTG_FLATBUSHWARDOG#8095 PSN: FLATBUSHWARDOG Letterboxd: JustinPumpkin
19/yo he/him Recommend me Albums! Probably the biggest The Cure fan that you will ever see on this website. Re-listening to The Cure again. (I re-rate alot) Instagram: @supluffy
Iran, Karaj
17, I like to rate stuff, music good My MAL: Contact me on Telegram: at last finished rating albums from my last fm! liked albums are my favorite albums of all time (technically, I love them more than my perfect scores)
Hey! :) 100: Perfeito, altíssima qualidade ou me agrada muito. 95-97: Praticamente sem defeitos. 90-93: Muito bom e muito acima da média. 80-87: Ótimo. 70-77: Bom. 60-67: Aceitável, esperava um pouco mais. 50-57: Mediano, beirando o ruim. 20-47: Ruim, provavelmente por ser genérico ou sem alma. 10-17: Péssimo, realmente muito ruim. 0-7: Horrível, praticamente inaudível de tão ruim, ou possui algum fator que me fez odiar completamente.
I love music. How I rate: First, I rate each individual song by 10 based on replayability, personal enjoyment, quality etc. Then, I add up the song scores and divide it by the total amount of points the album has. This would then give me the average. The closer an album is to 100, the more I enjoy it AS A WHOLE. The closer an album is to 100, the less skips it has.
Asheville, NC
AOTYs Resident Appalachian Shithead I mainly cover Rap, Hardcore, and Electronic stuff and their respective D.I.Y scenes Currently reviewing projects as they come out but will be going back to cover the rest of my ratings at the end of the year. Best D.I.Y Of The Year list is on the way! 100 = Masterpiece 90-99 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Average 50-59 = Passable 49 Or Lower = Various Degrees Of Bad
the biggest army,blink,whatever #respecttaehyungsprivacy euphoriaaaaaaaaaaaaa
where everything is in it's right place
scores explained even tho this doesnt always apply kind of 100 - perfection 95+ unbelievably amazing 89+ incredible 79+ loved 69+ liked 59+ fine 50+ in-between liking ykwim 40+ dislike 30+ dislike alot 20+ hate 0 - 19 taken personally library is vinyls thanks hotties
I don't really write reviews :) She/they
0-49: Misunderstanding 50-59: Disappointment 60-69: Nice background music 70-74: Interesting 75-79: Good 80-84: Very good 85-89: Outstanding 90-95: Epic 96-100: Masterpiece
They/them Kpop stan💗
Oii! Meu nome é Charlie! Gosto de música POP e estou disposto a aprender coisas novas❤💋
Hope you enjoy my little reviews and ratings. Recommendations more than welcome.
17 ; 🇧🇷 (✿^‿^)
Inactive all the time
I specialise in short hip hop reviews. Always relisten an album before reviewing. Everything 75+ is straight quality. Rating distribution is on the higher side, because I tend to review music, i at least somewhat like. Mostly listen to hip hop and soul. Explaining my ratings: 0-19 Awful 20-29 Very Bad 30-39 Bad 40-49 below average 50-59 average 60-69 solid 70-79 good 80-89 fantastic 90-99 classic 100 masterpiece
SalmonBoucher Just for entertainment and there is no academic value here. I'm not a music nerd and this account is only for showing my music taste. NO MORE! 100 | masterpiece (S+) 95 - 99 | perfection (S) 90 - 94 | wonderful (A+) 85 - 89 |excellent (A) 80 - 84 | great (B+) 75 - 79 | good (B) 70 - 74 | ok (С+) 65 - 69 | not bad (C) 60 - 64 | not my type (D+) 55 - 59 | meh (D) 50 - 54 | bad (D-) 40 - 49 | failed (F) 30 - 39 | disgusting 11 - 29 | not music 00 - 10 | pandemic
I don't understand wind. he/him I make some music sometimes... Also I like movies...
Bunny is a rider He/him
idk he/him
100: Obra-prima, espetacular, vou no céu sempre que ouço 90-99: Excelente 80-99: Ótimo 70-79: Bom 60-69: Audível 50-59: Mediano 40-49: Ruim 30-39: Porcaria 20-29: Gore 10-19: Não escute isso, preserve a sua vida 0-9: ...
i have the worst family in the earth
Tromsø, Norway
23 he/him, music lover, painter and aspiring surgeon
Girl 👧 you 😳 say👄 that 👀 lesbian 🏳️‍🌈 girl 👧 me 🧑🏽‍🦱 to ✌🏽 Just a 15 yr old jit tryin make it outta Detroit
He/She/They Hi, I like to rate music and this is my rating scale u yea. 100 masterpiece 90-99 Incredible 80-89 Great 70-79 Good 60-69 Decent 50-59 Mediocre 40-49 Meh 30-39 Bad 20-29 Terrible 10-19 Horrendous 0-9 abhorrent
land of the freakishly high ratings 100 ~ personal favorite 90/95 ~ some of the best i've heard 80/85 ~ in regular rotation 70/75 ~ enjoyed quite a bit 60/65 ~ had some highlights 50/55 ~ wouldn't listen again 40/45 ~ little if anything that caught my ear below 40 ~ not my cup of tea {ratings are purely based off my overall enjoyment} current favorites/biases: boa, twice (nayeon), akina nakamori, m.i.a, björk, red velvet (seulgi), loona (haseul), aespa (karina)
Burger King

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