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Tool - Lateralus
May 13

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DavidYowi -
It always amazes me how fast this album flies by. When it came out, I listened to the entire album six times in a week. I’ve never done that with any album before, I usually let an album sit within my mind for a bit before I give it a relisten. The entire album flows so well and the way it transitions from song to song is so seamless. Whenever I pick a song to listen to off Underneath I listen to the rest of the album after it.
DavidYowi -
The pacing to Abscess Time is kind of unnerving. The first half is comprised of 5-8 minute tracks while the second half is comprised of 2-4 minute tracks, with the exception being the 8 minute “Rat King Lifecycle” as the closer. On the back of the vinyl, each side is divided into Past, Present, Future, and Eternity, with Eternity representing the vinyl’s hidden track. “The Lean Years” is located in the past section, which features lyrics about a resource abundant ... read more
DavidYowi -
Doom metal's appeal is something that still alludes me. I only like 2-4 min of each song and it never feels worth the wait to get to those riffs. But the lyrics here are something special; it's very clear what each song is about while using clever metaphors to keep things from being overbearingly obvious. And it's all buoyed by Willow Ryan's pained yet powerful vocals. If doom metal is your thing this is an easy recommendation.
DavidYowi -
What would a remix of this sound like? Say whatever you want about the mix but it's very clearly an intentional aspect of the album. It does give the album the sense that it is crumbling at the seems trying to achieve grandiosity, which is a very present theme in the lyrics. In particular the chorus of "I'd Do Anything" ("I'd do anything to feel like I'm alive again") getting inverted on "Broken Halo" ("I would do anything to feel like I'm on fire ... read more
DavidYowi -
You know for a groove metal band, Gojira never really groove. I've always felt that Gojira's riffs are very stiff, it's like they've been learning the wrong lessons from Morbid Angel for their entire career, so it's nice that Fortitude loosens up their sound. Shame that most of the songwriting here is kinda bland, especially the choruses. Magma had the right blend of bludgeoning riffs and radio hooks, this leans more on the latter but the hooks lack the impact they had on Magma.


May 4, 2021
Yeah totally--in a lot of ways, it's harder to hide imperfections when the production is so soft, but at the same time requires careful listening to find the nuance underneath the murkiness of the sound. And I think that's why Pd'H has such a magical sound to me--the movement of the melodies behind the abrasive wall of lo-fi sound strikes me as so delicately powerful!

I do also prefer more out there and experimental stuff, but I think Pd'H will always do it for me because of that.
Apr 23, 2021
Hey--good question! This new one is very different from the typical Pd'H album in a lot of ways so it's definitely good to dip your toes into some of his back-catalog. Last year's Im Wald is incredible, but the 2-hour commitment is pretty huge if you're not already a fan. My fave Pd'H album is actually his self-titled--so I'd either start there or with Das Tor which is equally majestic. Both of those will only take an hour of your time and really capture the magic of Pd'H. If you like those you'll probably like anything he's put out!
Feb 22, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!



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