Young Thug - Punk
While Punk is a flawed album that is a little too long and can sometimes be a little too inconsistent, there are just so many things I like about it and there are so many highlights for me that it makes up for it. I also really like the approach Young Thug took here and I think the result is really enjoyable, even if a little messy and inconsistent.
Young Thug - Punk
Thuggy wug W
Young Thug - Punk
Punk is a record that saw delay after delay but it's finally here and I can confidently say that it's another victory lap for Thug. This might be his best project to date

Young Thug is probably one of (if not the best) trap artists of all time. From the tiny desk concert he did some months ago it was clear that he was dropping something special. That performance showcased the more ballad approach he would take on his upcoming release with acoustic guitars and pianos, while also ... read more
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