Acid Souljah - McBased
what in the actual fuck did I just listen to
Kartoon Kid - Under Da Mistletoe
coming down the chimney with a gat🔥 (gyatt)
Kartoon Kid - KARTOON WORLD (presented by Kartoon Kid and JASHO JR.) (KARTOON WORLD EXCLUSIVE
mixtape 2 is out shoutout JASHO JR for the production and the cover 🔥
Jeris Johnson - I WANT BLOOD / i want love
For anyone who loves Gecs and grew up listening to late 90s/early 2000s nu metal and post grunge and still occasionally enjoys that stuff, please listen to this album. This thing is so freakin fun and catchy, it boggles my mind this has the user score that it does, it reminds me of a more rock orientated Gecs and is just as fun and crazy to me. Underrated as hell. Future of Cock right here indeed
Sounds Of Silver review coming soon, probably tomorrow if im feeling up to it, just been struggling mentally and I really need to be in the right mindset to write those long dedicated reviews. Well in place here's something I wanted to cook up for a little while now!!

im so happy I get to talk abut this mixtape after so long since I originally heard and talked about it, recently ive really fallen in love with this thing again and that ive gained an even bigger and newer appreciation ... read more

Yeat - 2093
This is exactly what I wanted out from him.

Yeat takes the Experimental sounds he's been toying with on his last two projects and fully embraces it on his newest LP, 2093, which goes straight into deep experimental territory, embracing sounds of Synthwave, Industrial, Futuristic Rage, and incredible production to make easily the most creative rage project in the game right now. The whole thing feels like this futuristic cyber punk soundtrack that shows Mr Yeat as the main character of what ... read more

My first full harsh noise album!

will not elaborate.

$uicideboy$ - Dark Side of the Clouds
gets the green just because I didnt realize Antarctica is actually part of the tape (streaming version doesnt show it as such). Outside of that this is a very average 'Boys tape with not too many standouts outside of solid production, which really makes Antartica a big part of this in terms of getting more enjoyment from me
When youre not paying attention to the lyrics, there is some decent production but a lot of the "experimental" aspects fall hugely flat and sounds like Ye tryna recapture former glory without really doing much. If you can really not pay attention to much it's some ok background music..... but you pay attention to the bars for even just a moment here and you just cringe immediately. Not an enjoyable listen outside of some production moments and cant really see myself returning to this ... read more
Lancey Foux - LIFE IN HELL
I know im not doing this a lot now but ill give some short thoughts here off of first listen

this was a very well done rage project from Lancey Foux. Despite it's long length, the project managed to keep me hooked in with some nice psychedelic production and a really good mix of these vibey rnb cuts that are absolutely beautiful at times, some hardcore rage bangers that are stacked with a lot of energy, and even the moments like RIDE TIL YOU DIE or HIGH GRADE where it switches up and does ... read more

the best Rage project ive heard up to this point!!!

I really slept on this when I first heard it, this Is really all I want out of a rage album. First things, it actually lives up to the title of the "Rage" genre, and not just sleepy mumbly Lean addicted bangers you usually get, Jeleel! packs a lot of energy and personality into his performances that not only make for a lot of great hooks that land and stick really well, he's got a lot of versatility in his delivery and flows. ... read more

Ken Carson - A Great Chaos
I know I'm late as hell to this party, but I have a creative flow goin so here we go.

The Opium Aesthetic.

The modern trap scene that has been flourishing through the late 2010s thanks to the ever-populating and growing pioneering SoundCloud scene has mainly thrived in the mainstream off of one major thing: Image. The big blowup of the Soundcloud scene from around 2016-2019 that birthed artists like Lil Pump, Lil Yachty, Lil peep, 6ix9ine, etc. all stood out from one another by ... read more

LCD Soundsystem - 45:33
LCD Soundsystem: One Dive Is Never Enough: Part 2

Im going to be honest, I was hyping up and preparing myself to write the Sounds Of Silver review for about a week now and I literally completely forgot about this EP.... so you might not get the longest review for this one lol. Also looking at my score of this thing, I might be one of the biggest dickriders for this EP, but seriously it is really really good, and while listening to it I absolutely got lost in every danceable groove here. ... read more

GABUISLOST - partners
Why is bro tryna rizz me up? 😳

(it's working >w<)

Scrim - Lonely Boy
welcome back to another edition of modern rappers losing their originality and chasing trends, this episode: the one and only $crim from popular "underground" shadow-rap/Memphis rap duo the $uicideboy$

We really doin this huh? well as a big fan of the boys and kinda being disappointed from their 2023 output to a certain degree, with it being all over the place both in sound and in quality, we were due for another 'Boys solo project. Well to put it simply, Ruby in his solo career ... read more

Mario Judah - Endure
Not really getting the big hate boner for this one, sure its been like three years since we heard from the guy outside of that one hilariously confusing snippet he released then removed a short while back (which im slightly disappointed isn't on here), but Mario Judah is back doing what I know from this guy. In the landscape of 2024 where Rage music is being done to death in the most lazily way possible with a lot of artists outside from a select few sounding like trend chasing clones, Mario is ... read more
Afourteen - Hellhound
you're fucking kidding me
brokeNCYDE - I'm Not a Fan, But the Kids Like It!
in a time of my life where im glad i can say im shedding negativity and music elitism bullshit, the more im actually logical with myself and not giving into a hivemind spread by this mostly shitty community, this album by far isn't the worst thing ive ever heard. Even though I stand by this genre being incredibly dated and admittedly not for me, this would pretty much go on to pioneer PC music and Hyperpop, as well as kinda Trap Metal as well, not to mention the guys behind brokencyde dont seem ... read more
hes kinda onto something with this one
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