Moaning Lisa - Something Like This But Not This
Oct 12, 2021
I think my opinion on this album is skewed by a few things
A) many songs depict going through a rough time. And I, too, am Going Through A Rough Time. Bike Riding, the first few lines of Sox and Wild Days are so familiar and close to me that they hurt
B) I saw many of these songs live and hearing them on the album makes me miss live music even more.
C) theyre from Canberra. Im from Canberra. I got on the door for one of their shows once by telling them a story about how one of their shirts helped me come out to my then boyfriend.
D) Don't dream is just so good. I listened to it walking home after an awful day and I just cried.

Despite all these things skewing my opinion, I genuinely love this album.

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