Boris - LφVE & EVφL
Sep 23, 2019
Like most Boris projects, LφVE & EVφL flips between the band's three core sounds: mellow acoustic cuts, scuzzy and loud drone rock pieces and lengthy, 10-minute-plus emotional epics. These elements all combine to create a varied and lengthy album, albeit with the usual quirks present on much of Boris' more accessible material. This album falls into place along albums like Akuma no Uta, Heavy Rocks 2, and more recently, Dear, with the band treading the same sonic ground those albums have. That being said, the downfalls of those albums also translate to LφVE & EVφL, and i walk away loving some tracks, but remaining relatively indifferent on others. Pieces like Coma and uzume just feel like they're there to pad the runtime out, and just seem like Boris is trying to appeal to every crowd on a certain track here. They aren't terrible by any means, but it just doesn't feel very interesting when minor variations of droning guitars can be heard on any number of the band's extensive catalogue. The two stand-out tracks for me are EVOL and Shadow of Skull. The former is a gorgeous build-up of Boris' raw emotion done so spectacularly well, and Shadow of Skull finds a nice balance between the heavy and soft, and is a fitting closer. LφVE & EVφL is by no means a bad album, but it just feels inconsistent at points. It's everything Boris does well, but it isn't a reinvention or even really a refinement; merely more of the same.

Favourite Tracks:

Away from You
Shadow of Skull

Least Favourite Tracks:


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