Oh Sees - Metamorphosed
Oct 16, 2020
Just one month after their last album, and Osees have released yet another scuzzy garage and kraut rock project. While still definitely impaired by the same issues that made Protean Threat so insufferable, by comparison Metamorphosed is a much more digestible helping. The last two of the five tracks (The Virologist and I Got a Lot) being 14 and 23 minutes long respectively make the album feel much more like an improvised jam session than something as focused as a studio album, and surprisingly, despite the lazy loop of its first half, the latter's zany synth breakdown is actually a positive breakthrough moment to finish things off. Electric War's burnt, driving guitars make for my favourite point on the record, although it is disappointing they didn't choose this as one of the longer tracks. The Virologist is definitely the least gratifying moment, with Osees continuing this confusingly slow, repetitive loop that could be lost background menu music for Toejam and Earl. I don't think I'll ever understand why the band feels the need to create more of these; especially confounding is the need for this to take up a third of the album. Overall, Osees is definitely heading down an increasingly disappointing path with their latest music. They have such a great ability to truly stand next to KGATLW as the kings of indie garage rock, but continue to impede themselves with relatively weak, meandering and directionless experimentation. Despite a few moments here elevating Metamorphosed above Protean Threat, Osees need to do a lot more to regain any footing they've lost.

Favourite Track:

Electric War

Least Favourite Tracks:

Weird and Wasted Connection
The Virologist

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