Feb 14, 2020*
Review: I don't know if it's because he's sexually frustrated, or because he's a nymphomaniac, but Justin Bieber feels the need to tell his listeners in every possible way that he and his wife have sex, he looks like a 7-year-old who has just kissing a girl for the first time, yes, Justin, we all understand that you have sex.

well, leaving that aside and now let's talk about the album, in fact there is not much to talk about, just by the music that came out before its release, we could already ... read more
Jan 31, 2020
Review: Debut album of 070 Shake and a powerful fusion of rap, rnb and pop, the rhythms speak perfectly to each other in this album, with a futuristic production and fusion of these musical styles he makes his own sound, bringing to the industry something different that we find difficult to see, and this is incredible, it is incredible to see artists so young with so much talent offering so much to the music industry. 070 Shake will have a promising future.


Review: ... read more
Jan 31, 2020
Review: Louis left 1D, but it seems that 1D hasn't left him yet, he continues to make the same boring and uninteresting songs as when he was in the band, it has been years since the band ended, and he hasn't evolved anything as an artist, already he is almost 30 years old, but he continues to make the same songs as a passionate teenager (which his 15-17 year old fans must love Imao), his irritating voice makes it even worse.

It is a disastrous album, it is bad, it is unpleasant to hear, it is ... read more
Jan 31, 2020
On this album Kesha brings together everything she has done throughout her career, but apparently she forgot that much of her career was based on having hits, not quality, and that made the album disastrous and confusing.

Review: The album starts with "Tonight", which is certainly the WORST choice for the first track I've heard in my LIFE, a terrible and disastrous song from beginning to end, accompanied by "My Own Dance (another terrible song, but not as bad as the previous ... read more
Jan 30, 2020
Who is Meghan Trainor? Even though this is your THIRD album, it hasn't been clear to anyone yet.

Review: Unlike the other albums she released, but it’s still bad, it’s still generic, it still shows the limited artist that she is, "Wave" is a great song, she could continue to follow that vibe throughout the album, but she just chooses the worst possible path, generic, repetitive and disposable songs, but we have another point on the album, called "Babygirl", a ... read more
Jan 30, 2020
in this song, Dua Lipa perfectly impressed the music vibe of the 80s, a wonderful dance pop that makes you want to dance every time you listen, this song raises even more expectations for your next studio album.
Jan 27, 2020
it is much better than the original version, the production of the music has been improved and Nas fit perfectly into it.
Jan 27, 2020
I really appreciate the work of Demi Lovato, she is a very strong person for standing up after everything she has been through, this song is good, it tells an important moment in her life, but honestly it could be much better, her vocals are extremely exaggerated , we all know that she has a great vocal, she doesn't have to be screaming in all the songs to show it.
Jan 19, 2020
I never listened to any Mac Miller album, this album was my first experience listening to his work, and I'm really baffled by what I just heard, one of the most sincere and deep albums I've ever heard, the lyrics are so expressive and expressive , they are practically a message from Mac after his death, a message that one day everything ends, everything and everyone dies one day, that we should all enjoy every possible moment of our lives, even the simplest moments, the message that he this ... read more
Jan 19, 2020
Well. This album is literally a loud fart.

Eminem is one of the things the music industry should have left behind two decades ago, when he really cared about delivering something of quality, not a heap of futile and overrated music, but that some will praise as something "splendid" just for because of your flow, bad songs made for him to remain media in the media citing artists, and also of course, for his alienated fans to continue listening to this crap and treat him as a ... read more
Jan 16, 2020
Review: It's an interesting album to listen to, see all the mixtures Halsey made on this album, this mix works at various times, such as 3m, Without Me and You Should Be Sad, songs that show Halsey doing mature work with lyrics, that fit perfectly with their melodies

But at times this mix of completely wrong, at times seems like a desperate cry from Halsey to become a "conceptual" singer, and it made the album tiresome to hear, some beats and melodies are repetitive, some songs on ... read more
Jan 3, 2020
Justin Bieber stands for EVERYTHING the music industry doesn't NEED, a generic artist who hasn't been out of his comfort zone since the beginning of his career, the same generic beats produced by Poo Bear, the same generic and repetitive lyrics made to stay in the head. the same generic and repetitive production. Justin Bieber is one of the biggest shames of the music industry, it's one of the things we should leave in the past decade.


Atualmente Justin Bieber representa TUDO que a ... read more
Dec 27, 2019
It is a good beginning of career.

Review: In her first studio work Chloe MK presents a solid, catchy and exciting proposal, with her great vocal potential she sings about her youth, her longing, packed with a perfect dream pop she can captivate our ears, she has great potential , may be one of the great promises of the next decade, I hope she will follow the right path and not get lost in it.


É um bom início de carreira.

Review: Em seu primeiro trabalho de estúdio ... read more
Dec 26, 2019
Review: This album was recommended months ago by a friend, he said I had to listen, because she had something different, something that other rappers didn't have, I didn't pay attention to him, I didn't listen because I had a "prejudice" with the UK rappers, I thought they couldn't really rap, but then one day I decided to listen to this album, so all the ideas I had about the UK rappers were forgotten.

Little Sims really has something that others don't have, something mainstream ... read more
Dec 26, 2019
WOW. This album is GENIAL.

Review: One of the most honest and deepest works I've ever heard in my life, music teleports you to such deep and intense feelings, makes you fall in love and suffer for love, even though you're not in love, even not loving anyone.

She sings her deepest feelings, as sincerely as possible, the production is the most important point of this album, she makes everything deeper and more sincere, so soft and delicate even songs with "chilling" lyrics like ... read more
Dec 25, 2019
Ariana has a great voice, but listening to this album is so tiring, I feel that many things present can be discarded improving the listener's perception.


Ariana tem uma ótima voz, mas ouvir esse álbum é tão cansativo, sinto que muitas coisas presentes poderiam ser descartadas melhorando a percepção do ouvinte.
Dec 14, 2019
Review: On her third album Tinashe makes the perfect mix of r&b, pop and trap music, independently she now has more freedom to express her talent more broadly.

I think at this point we are all wondering why Tinashe is unsuccessful, she is a complete artist, you have everything the industry needs, and maybe that's the problem, the current music industry has gotten used to lazy artists without musical identity who do not leave your comfort zone, and that's all Tinashe is not and does, this ... read more
Dec 14, 2019
Review: In his second studio album, Harry Styles contains his loving disappointment, yes, again, but now a more mature, compact form.

In this album, it contains a love story written in a line of text, full of disappointment, grudge and feelings of guilt, but also full of love and hope, singing sweetly, even when talking about the points related to it. relationship, with good lyrics that express or feel that pass, that are even more evident with a flawless production that has the ... read more
Dec 6, 2019
Goddamn, woman-child / You fucked me so good with this album that i said "I love Love You..."

Review: LANA DEL REY IS A LEGEND. And in this album it is very clear, 67:42 minutes that seem to fly like poetry in our ears, with her voice still sweet even singing about her love disappointment, making or hearing every pain she felt in the situations sung by her.

But listening to this album is so much more than the pain and melancholy, listening to Norman Fucking Rockwell is thinking ... read more
Dec 6, 2019
Review: In his second EP, Yungblud presents a flawed work, with a good production, but that doesn't fit his voice, which is one of the negative points of the EP, with a vocal technical person, some songs are impossible to hear until the end. , become annoying and cans, is clear the message that the artist wanted to convey, but was very poorly executed


Em seu segundo EP Yungblud apresenta um trabalho falho, com uma produção boa, mas que não se encaixam com sua voz, que ... read more
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