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Nesey Gallons - eyes & eyes & eyes ago
Feb 20, 2019
A true hidden treasure. Recommended for fans of indie folk, twee, circus sounding music, & The Elephant 6.

With assistance from Julian Koster (Neutral Milk Hotel, The Music Tapes), and Sarah Moran here we have Nesey Gallons creating an absolutely stunningly beautiful album. Think something along the lines of a early lost Elliott Smith album. Recorded in the hippie enclave of Bennington, Vermont. There are several standout tracks and zero duds. This album fits Autumn like a glove.

I put a link to the full album in the comments. Nesey has several other albums on bandcamp, but I can't imagine them reaching the heights of this release.

According to the bandcamp, they still have 2 copies of this on vinyl. You'd be a fool not to pick one up.
Feb 20, 2019
Found this on Bandcamp... Then I glanced up at your review and, well, laughed at myself. I'm excited to give this a listen. Thanks for sharing!
Feb 20, 2019
Aside from the people who used the E6 townhall message board about a decade ago, I can't believe this album had next to no internet buzz! Hope some of you folks enjoy it.
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