Angel Olsen - All Mirrors
Oct 2, 2019 (updated Oct 6, 2019)
If you look back at my overall scores for the 2010's you can see how much I like Angel Olsen. The moment I heard Burn Your Fire back in 2014 I was hooked. Her, Beach House, and FJM have undoubtedly been my favorite artists from this decade.

This album is good, it really is, but right now to me this just sounds like me losing AO to the rest of the world. Gone is the folk rock, gone is the indie rock. I can't hold it against her for looking to make something so grand. I can't hate her for getting these headhunter studio musicians to craft this kind of music. I can't criticize her for closing out the decade with this grand statement. I've listened to her other albums 100's of times, so truthfully I'm still processing this.

Something feels different about this though. Not just with the music, but with the 'roll out'. The magazine cover photo shoots, the interviews, the social media posts. The whole thing is just different. Angel Olsen was my own little thing for a long time, and that started to change with the past album. And now this album will just further push her to the masses. This album makes me feel some kind of way, but I can't really explain it yet.

I've read that she was going to release these songs in two versions. This big sweeping versions we have here, plus a spare solo acoustic album. I have to believe that the 'solo' versions would appeal to me even more than these versions, 'cause that's just my taste. Maybe we will hear these songs stripped down, and maybe I will prefer them. Or maybe Angel is just moving on to other things, and maybe I need to accept that. Either way, I am happy to see so much universal praise. And for the people who are just catching on now, you need to go back and listen to her earlier work so you can see where she came from.
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