Jan 17, 2019
If you know you know
Jan 17, 2019
it's sweet and sounds OK but not really mine
Jan 15, 2019*
For me, Drake destroys everything, I love Travis in this songs. His verses and flow are just incredible. Goddammit, Drake.
Jan 15, 2019*
I seriously don't know how to feel when hearing this song. It gives me so many emotions.
Oct 30, 2018
Fuck off
Oct 22, 2018
I kinda like it
Favourite: Will he
Least favourite: bitter fuck, pills
Sep 21, 2018*
86 for the normal album ,with the bonus tracks it goes up to 93
Sep 21, 2018
Das Lied Hydra 3D beschreibt den Album. Es gibt ruhigere und langsamere Lieder wie OWL, Dog-eat-dog, Lennon 1, Demons, Lennon 2, No Worries und FLY und dann gibt es Lieder die einfach reinhauen wie Hydra 3D, horrible_person, Sanageyama, Ghidorah/Legobricks, NEXTLEVELSHIT und Kein Koitus.

Never Growin' Up und Party in the Clouds sind Lieder die zu nicht ganz zu den Kategorien passen aber richtig gut sind und den Album noch besser machen.
Sep 21, 2018
OMG ich glaube es nicht. Nach Hydra 3D, ein richtig guten Album, kommt so etwas. Nein
Aug 31, 2018
I don't know how to feel about this album it is ok but not good.
The rap and the flow are not that bad.

My Ratings to every song:
1.  The Ringer - 6/10
2.  Greatest - 7/10
3.  Lucky You - 5/10
4.  Paul (Skit) - no rating because it's a skit
5.  Normal - 5/10
6.  Em Calls Paul (Skit) - no rating because it's a skit again
7.  Stepping Stone - 8/10
8.  Not Alike - 7.5/10
9.  Kamikaze - 7.5/10
10. Fall ... read more
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