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Fehlfarben - Monarchie und Alltag
German Gang of Four tbh
Madonna - Like a Prayer
What a solid pop album, a lot of just great pop songs whats not to like besides a few less than stellar vocals on a handful of the songs but besides that its great.
Bobb Trimble - Iron Curtain Innocence
Are the lyrics not all that great and also very messy? yes,
Prince - Sign "O" the Times
This album clicked with me faster than Purple Rain did, like for me Purple Rain took 2 relistens for me to start getting the appeal but by the time It starts I'm all in on this album. Sign "☮︎" the Times accomplishes anything you could want from a Prince album and does it incredibly. Of particular note is my favorite track, I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man, a track that is just perfect in every measure of the word it hard to focus on doing anything else when it on besides ... read more
Saint Etienne - Foxbase Alpha
A very solid album with some great production and some great songs but a lot of songs that lose my interest in before they conclude. I like the Neil Young cover


"granted I do have the luxury"
Yeah, this is purely privilege on your part and you selfishly abuse it

"B-but muh projects....."
Fuck off, not important

"You put a lot of effort in"
It took 10 minutes and I've had people posting on my shoutbox about it for YEARS afterwards. A little effort goes a long way
What I'm hearing is "I draw the line before genocide but after child rape bc I feel personally connected to the rapists music" which just goes back to what I said about selfishly prioritizing your own enjoyment over holding these people accountable

Both of these acts should be WAY over the line and not able to be affected by "but his art though..." shit. It's not about "undermining art" or anything - you just like the guy's music and don't want to have to consider it from the angle I am.

You support the artists by being a fan whether you want to or not. The only thing "unfortunate" about it is that you still choose to support them.

Don't say "slept with." Call it what it is. Rape
"hitler's paintings" is always the point i bring up, and no one ever wants to respond to it directly.

let me ask you: where do YOU draw the line?
art can take a fucking back seat to protecting victims and holding people accountable. get your priorities straight. it's not nearly as important. and beyond that, like i already said, i genuinely think that the creative output of someone who rapes children is completely worthless and should be forgotten by history.

"he raped children but he made great music!" is STILL separating art from artist

just listen to something else. Bowie's music is trite and boring as shit anyway, and as a bonus, youre wouldnt be supporting his continued popularity and reverence as some kind of cultural idol despite being a child rapist
Mar 15, 2023
"no idea how"
was pretty easy actually

"undermines the value of art"
"art" by rapists and bigots has no value to me. hence the zeroes. I don't give a single fuck about some child rapists music. "the good he has done" fuck off. he was a rapist. do you say the same thing about hitler's paintings?

Separating art from artist undermines the value of art, by CHOOSING TO IGNORE the artist and the broader context of the art. Art is not created in a vacuum.

Not only is separating art from artist an incomplete appreciation of the art, it also prioritizes your selfish enjoyment of the music over holding a child rapist accountable for his actions (in Bowie's case) in one of the only ways you're able to

"refusal even do anything immoral"
he raped children

"Most music companies do worse things"
than rape children?
the worst part about writing a joke review about an album I like is that I can forget what songs I think are better than others if I don't listen to the album enough


I like post punk and 2nd wave ska and nothing else

Liked albums are must listens

I donated purely to make my name the same as the badge next to it

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