Feb 8, 2019
This is my first Ariana album and it will be my last. The songs have no cohesive patchwork, to be expected of an artist who was likely rushed to push another album after popular singles which you can tell are 7 rings and thank u next. The final song, being placed after "thank u next" which is supposed to be a respectful somber song about the loss of her ex boyfriend, is called "breakup with ur girlfriend cause im bored." On so many levels I can't get on bored with this, and ... read more
Feb 1, 2019
this is my fetish
Jan 25, 2019
Just go actually listen to Thin Lizzy at this point.
Jan 9, 2019
some of you are idiots that will like anything that's pop that isn't on the radio

May 10, 2018
Feb 9, 2018
10 years in and MGMT still doesn't sound sure of their sound. A very average album, lacking the energy noticeable on Oracular Spectacular that threw them into the spotlight. An improvement from their last LP, but another step towards what feels like resignation to generic pop.
Sep 7, 2017
A very impressive soundscape of ambient, techno, juke, footwork with exceptional contributions from Chloe Wise and perhaps Yung Lean's most mature track. Pulling influence from European house, Japanese ambient, and American folktronica... this album is worth a few listens at least. Please don't pay the embarrassing Exclaim review any mind... I don't even think they listened to this album once.
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