Tyler Joseph - No Phun Intended
You know you fucked up when the best song on your album is a 6-minute piano ballad about Taco Bell
twenty one pilots - Twenty One Pilots
So about maybe 3 years ago, I used to be the absolute biggest Twenty One Pilots fan. I knew all the lyrics to their songs, every album of theirs was my favorite albums of all time, I knew all their lore, I dug out all the unreleased tracks and demos, and I had (and still have) tons and tons of merch from them. And their self-titled album right here used to be my favorite of all time. And coming back to it…


The singing is absolutely grating. His little emo whiny voice that he ... read more

Dan Bárta & Illustratosphere - Entropicture
Hello @RemisReviews

This album was very pleasant to listen to. Thanks for recommending :)

John Coltrane - The Olatunji Concert: The Last Live Recording
Hider - Deep Cuts
Some really solid ass art pop here Hider. This isn’t usually my style of music but you nailed it. The production and vocals are amazing. I never expected to like something that sounds like this, but wow what a great job. Also feedback and graphite blew my mind, especially feedback. Amazing songs, some of the best of the year so far. Overall great work
Boris - Flood
Flood is an album that requires a hell of a lot of patience, but if you have that patience, then there is an immense payoff. The album has an about 28-minute buildup, starting with guitar loops and slowcore-like drums. Once these 28 minutes are over, it leads into what I believe to be one of the greatest metal songs of all time, Flood III. It’s a complete and absolute sonic switch up from the start of the album, and it’s where the actual “metal” of the album comes in. It ... read more
The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground’s self-titled project is much more toned down than their previous records, with chilled production and softer instruments. This type of toned down performance can sometimes make the album feel mysterious, sometimes even creepy, and the faint hissing of the ‘60s production slithering through the background and the old and dark grainy album cover help this feeling a lot. It’s not the best side of the band but it does show their ability to make heavier and ... read more
Toby Fox - UNDERTALE Soundtrack
What a journey this album was. Every song sounds so well put together and the little recurring motifs are genius sometimes. They fit so well in and make everything run together so smoothly. My main problem with a lot of this album is that some of the songs are so short and end way too soon that it kinda takes you out of the experience. The album saves itself from that major flaw with the final set of songs at the end, making the whole experience feel more complete and satisfying. I love how it ... read more
Jack Harlow - Jackman.

This was a very nice surprise from Jack Harlow. His last album just last year Come Home The Kids Miss You was pretty unenjoyable, with unlikable production and pretty stupid lyrics. On Jackman, pretty much everything has improved, from the production to the lyrics, and it’s all so nice to see happening. The production here is very enjoyable compared to his last effort and he has some pretty damn smart lyricism from to time. I found Harlow to be a very unlikeable personality before ... read more

Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
Illinois is an album that keeps you fascinated with every single second of its runtime, a record that throws new sounds and ideas at you at every corner to keep you invested in it, all revolving around the state of Illinois. These masterfully-written concepts and stories about the state equal up to an hour-long experience of Sufjan Stevens’ inner musical genius. Such joy and excitement has been spawned from this record for me; it’s an album that can lift me up no matter what ... read more
The Postal Service - Give Up
“Give Up” is easily one of my most replayed albums of all time. I’ve played this thing in its entirety at least 10 times. It’s one of those records where I can’t recollect at all how I came to listen to it, all I know is I’m in love with it. Some find The Postal Service annoying for lead singer Benjamin Gibbard’s distinct songwriting and vocals, but I think it fits perfectly for the glitchy and dystopian feel that Give Up has. Most of the songs ... read more
Kamasi Washington - The Epic
1,000 ratings.

To celebrate this milestone, I wanted to dismiss an actual review and instead give a monologue for my love of music.

First things first, I absolutely love music. I love going home and listening to an album I’ve been interested in, I love listening to it to cheer me up or to further sorrow into sadness, I love reciting my personal opinions about music to people, I love the feeling it gives me when I listen to something I truly adore. Music has been my passion for years ... read more

파란노을 [Parannoul] - After the Night
Well damn

After the Night is one of the most euphoric musical experiences I’ve ever had. The hazy and hectic shoegaze guitars and the harmonic and distant singing from Parannoul makes the whole album exhilarating and thrillingly exhausting. This album feels like 98.12.28 on acid, especially with the 46-minute closer that’s already been characterized as a modern day Long Season. In short, this is Parannoul at his finest, shoegaze at its finest, live music at its finest, and music in ... read more

This doesn’t even feel like rap music. It feels like if aliens learned to make music. An album this unique and strange is something that doesn’t happen too often, especially in the genre it’s in
Lorde - Melodrama
Oh wow. I was not prepared for the emotional journey this album took me on. Melodrama is a colorfully sad and melancholy record, one that feels like driving in a car passing city lights by with a recent heartbreak weighing on the heart. The album is emotionally devastating but at the same time vivid, it’s almost like you can see whole dreams in this music. The art pop atmosphere creates this feeling very well and the whole project is just so musically animated that it’s hard not to ... read more
The Avalanches - Since I Left You
Fuck it man it’s my favorite album of all time. Music has never been this perfect, I am in love with this record. There is no music that has ever been made that makes me feel the same way this album does, it’s pure musical genius. One of only 2 11/10 albums ever in my opinion. Incredible
CybercrashersTV - Live from Castle Haley
CybercrashersTV, ladies and gentlemen
HP Riot - HP Riot

Wow. So yeah, I first discovered H.P. Riot through the PS3 game LittleBigPlanet 2, a game I played religiously throughout the whole of my childhood. The game contained a various amount of licensed songs that would play in the mainline story levels, one of them being ‘I Have Changed’ by H.P. Riot. I would enjoy and come back to the song over the years, but it wasn’t until today whenever it came on on my playlist that I realized that it was kinda ... read more

JAY-Z - The Blueprint
An album so good it made the twin towers fall
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