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depechemode4lif -
"Flux" has been an album I have been highly anticipating. As someone who has been following Poppy since "Am I A Girl?", she has consistently grown as an artist over the past few years and last year's "I Disagree" was the cumulation of that. That album was an ideal blend of the super "poppy" and theatrical side of her sound that was explored heavily on her first two albums with industrial metal, metalcore, and alternative rock and the end result was a ... read more

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depechemode4lif -
This unofficial audio was released from Sirius XM at TØP's hometown show near the start of the Takeover tour, which I just saw on in Chicago a few days ago. This is an example as to why I feel that as a pop band, Twenty One Pilots are better live than in the recording. Even though many of the songs are medley's it actually works in a live setting really great. Tyler has so much more energy and sounds better live than in the studio, especially on some of the older Vessel songs since his ... read more
depechemode4lif -
Considering this is one of the highest-rated electropop albums on here up with some of the great albums from MIA and shit I was expecting something both sonically pleasing with powerful tracks and artsy composition. This album may have very great production and great atmospheric synths throughout but the songs themselves are all pretty bland and forgettable. It's an odd blend of phenomenal production and forgettable tracks.
depechemode4lif -
As someone who has heard and enjoyed upwards of 5 - 6 Thugger projects, this one is a strange detour and a mixed bag, to say the least. Even though it marks a more introspective and creative streak for Young Thug at some points, oftentimes I find the album is more of a long bloated, and inconsistent record that could have used a diet and more finished tracks.
depechemode4lif -
Woah that was not what I was expecting. The albums opens with a beautiful piece of drone metal so I thought I was walking into something like the previous album (while I love). Nope, i got hit with a garage rock, sludge metal, classic rock, doom metal, and noise rock fusion with White Stripes style riffs, Greenwood guitar noise, and lofi prodction... and somehow they made it work excellently.
depechemode4lif -
When I first turned this album on, I kinda thought it was like a lesser version of one of my favorite drone metal albums Monoliths by Sunn O)))) but as the album went on I found that this album was more exploratory and put me in a trance, to be honest with you. The use of feedback on this thing is innovative as hell and I loved the vast majority of the album. I do think it takes a little too long to captivate me, but once it does... it does.


Oct 16, 2021
The world today needs more Depeche Mode fans…
Jun 25, 2021
I too am a Devotee of the Depeche Mode <3
Jun 4, 2021
Finally, Yeezus getting the respect it deserves!!
May 4, 2021
all good,i will say it's a great way to become closer to this community so i recommend you try it if you're curious
May 1, 2021
the one for musicians on AOTY***
May 1, 2021
you wanna join the AOTY discord server?
Apr 26, 2021
Thank you for participating in my list!! Here's the link:
Apr 24, 2021
First impressions are key when it comes to albums. A good opener can really open your eyes and let the listener know what is in store for them, a bad opener, on the other hand, can put a bad taste in the listener's mouth and ruin the experience for them.

Which brings me to my question for my list: What is your favorite album opener of all time and why? (only choose one, and please give the artist, album, and song name)



often times my ratings are my FIRST IMPRESSIONS and i update them as i relisten, they are casual so take it all with a MASSIVE GRAIN OF SALT!!!!!!!!!!!

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