Grimes - Miss Anthropocene
Feb 21, 2020
Known for her previous works "Visions" and "Art Angels" which are amazing projects and arguably in the Top 10 of the years they were respectively released in, Grimes took a very long time on this album.

Now, people know me for my past, and that I would usually be involved in the scene of music leaks. While I won't say I leak albums myself, I know how most of them happen and I know that they will occur.

And now I've been thinking to myself about how usually albums leak a couple days before release, so I should wait it out until it's officially out in my country, yes? Well, some albums are...not the case. This was one of them. The album was finally released TODAY for christ sake, why was I gonna wait when I could just get it then? Well, obviously I had to support the self-funded billionaire-dating legend. And for sure, I'm going to be streaming this album and buying it on vinyl.

In October, nine new demos surfaced, with singles "We Appreciate Power" and "Violence" as bonus tracks. This demo leak had no tracklist, and was the closest thing to the album fans could get. It wasn't a big deal to me, as I saw minimal discussion about it.

But a month after that, I woke up to see a thread on a private music community I was a part of with the name: "Grimes - Miss Anthropocene [FLAC, 320, V0]"

I was shocked, to say the least. This was a number of days after the release date, tracklist, and preorders were announced. And the album was literally scheduled for the next decade. These leaks were unheard of.

So, I listened when I got the chance. Didn't click exactly (was maybe a 7 at best), but now I think it's clicked. Especially listening to it now. Every song on here is amazing. Her best album to date. The album is top tier, and the fact that I gave it a relisten just refreshed my opinion entirely.

This isn't the album of the year. But it is Grimes' best work, for sure.

We Appreciate Power is in the tracks list because it is on the deluxe.

FAVORITES: So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth, Violence, You'll miss me when I'm not around, My Name is Dark, 4ÆM, Darkseid, We Appreciate Power, Before the fever, New Gods, Delete Forever
LEAST FAVORITES: ...fuck, probably IDORU
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