Future - High Off Life
May 20, 2020
The album started off pretty decent, the first 4 or 5 songs are somewhat interesting. I feel like Future is really trying something different on the first songs, like the nice banger melodies in solid production, or even the beat switch on Ridin Strikers, which i don't like it that much, but, is reallly something fresh and keeps the album going (Also i liked that Travis feature lol)... After the 5th track, the album turns into a generic experience and lose every single aspect that made me interested to see how its gonna turn out.

Posted with demons and Hard To Choose one seems like demo tracks with flows that future was testing on the studio, even the production seems like uninspired and made in rush.

Trillionaire is just SO awkward, Future and NBA flowing back and forth doesn't sound good, the voices just don't match and the atmosphere of the track is just so strange, i don't know, it feels like the generic trap we all know, but weird. The production on this tracks is trash by the way

I really like the instrumentals on Harlem Shake, and i feel like it could be used much better, Thug should murder this fuckin beat, but no, it just feels like some kind of interlude with some weird aye flows.

Up The River and Pray For A Key came direcly from WIZRD, average Future tracks right here, don't really have a issue with them, but is kinda underwelming comparing with the first tracks...

Too Comfortable is a chill song, i liked it, he don't try nothing new here, but sounds good. Nice track to listen playing or smoking something.

All Bad came from Eternal Atake for sure, and its strange cause it sound better than much of the material in EA, not that great, but enjoyable, don't know why this song isn't on EA, it suits the concept in EA more than here, but, at this point, Future is just puttin anything on this project.

Accepting My Flaws is great, we have the best lyrics on the album (nothing impressive), cool melodies and flow switches and decent production. If the entire album sounded liked this, it would be much more enjoyable, although its not a perfect track and not as good as the first 4... but its something.

I like Life is Good, don't think he should switch the beat, it could have been a whole vibe like the first part, i really liked it, it feels like a mix between Too Comfortable and Ridin Strikers, also liked the instrumentals for the first part, after that it feels kinda weird, but, overall, decent track

So, after Life Is Good, the album gets much more enjoyable, Last Name is a solid track with a great performance from Lil Durk and Future is doing his thing right. Tycoon is really interesting, it really bring that feeling of ''its almost over'', and i liked how this track fits in the album, the instrumentals in really good too, liked that background vocals in the end of the track.

And then we have 100 Shooters and it just made me see how i have mixed feelings about this album, cause i loved this track, production is amazing, Future with the nice flows and the features goes hard.

I just gonna ignore Life Is Good Remix cause its trash

So... This album could have been really solid, it just feels like Future decided to rush this thing or add more tracks than he should, there are some GREAT tracks here, especially on the start. most of the album just feels like a mix bag of throwaways, fillers and mostly unispired production, but, inside all of that, theres some enjoyable tracks here and there.
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