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Absolutely nothing wrong with UNION but there is very little Son Volt right either. Been playing it a couple of weeks on Radio and I am still waiting for it to start.
Messages in the songs are as to be expected from Mr. Farrar but these are in the proverbial bottle and I don'y have a corkscrew to get them out.
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Not so much a band as a one-off supergroup, THE CAKE SALE is a benefit album for the hunger eradication organization OXFAM, spearheaded by the Irish band BellX1 and Crowded House's Nick Seymour, who recorded the songs' backing tracks and distributed them to various singers for lyrics and vocals. With contributions by the Cardigans' Nina Persson, the Frames' Glen Hansard, Josh Ritter, Gemma Hayes and others, THE CAKE SALE is a low-key collection of sweet indie-pop tunes with ... read more
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Spend a couple of hours with this excellent two-CD, 50-song retrospective of Hall's impressive catalog. Listen to him sing about his life and times--and those of countless other people he's encountered during his travels. His friendly voice half sings, half speaks tales of army buddies and children, down-and-outers and big-time dreamers, as easily as your favorite uncle might spin a yarn while sitting around the supper table.

At first, the stories--about a hitchhiker he picked up ... read more
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Already on the first track, Mississippi Rain, you will hear the sound of the typical Munyon fretless bass guitar and an acoustic guitar solo of the master himself. The power on this album you will find in, Slim Possibilities.
The cd contains a beautiful set of intense songs
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