Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell!
This is the first time that I wasn't bored at some point while listening to one of her albums.

This is a very impressive singer-songwriter record. Her lyrical game improved a lot in this record, and so did her melodies. The biggest Issue that I had with previous records, is that the run-time wasn't justified, she filled her records with amazing moments, and right after, a dull one but this is not the case. Almost every track keeps up with the previous one, except "The Next Best American ... read more

Injury Reserve - Floss
Damn, this is a great mixtape. I was very impressed with this, the openening track is pure flames. The production, bars, hooks, are great, they surely delivered. I loved the energy in most of the choruses.

"S on Ya Chest" is a chaotic masterpiece, I had a stroke trying to comprenhend what was being said during the hook, but it is fire. "Eeny Meent Miny Moe" was my favorite track, the production on this one is just amazing. "Look Mama I Did It' is a very interesting ... read more

Taylor Swift - 1989
This album brings me so much memories from when I was a kid, even though I still hate "Bad Blood". The first four tracks are go good, especially "Blank Space" and "Style", I remember that I used to hate when "Blank Space" was bumping everywhere, it was like the biggest track of the world at the moment, along with "Shake it Off", but coming back to them years later, I can see why, they're both bops. "Wildest Dreams" is a fantastic ... read more
Lorde - Melodrama
This album is phenomenal. The first thing that I want to say is that I feel that her voices sounds way more mature in here than in "Pure Heroine", and so did her vocal performance. It sounded really good, especially in songs like "Liability" and "Writer In The Dark". the songwriting, it is truly great. The production is still amazing.

The record kicks things off with the electrifying "Green Light", a pop masterclass. I fell in love with the production ... read more

Jessie Ware - Tough Love
Eh, it could be better. It's very similar to her debut "Devotion", and that record was an easy going listen, with some great moments, and this is no different. The opening track, also the title track is not the best way to kick off things, Jessie's vocal performance is great, but the song is lame, the hook just slows everything and I didn't like that. "Say You Loved Me" sounds like a song that would be played in the ending scences of a romantic movie, and honestly I don't ... read more
Mac Miller - The Divine Feminine
This review really hurts. I wanted to like this record, but damn I just couldn't. I feel like Mac is trying too hard to make sexy songs, but it didn't work in my opinion. There's a high amount of corny bars in every track, and I didn't like the fact that he is trying to be romantic in some sort of way but he talks about lust a little to much. He gets carried by the production in almost every track. He uses very similar flows everytime. Some songs are so long, like why make "We" that ... read more
Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition
I can't describe how I feel about this record, I just know that I love it. The instrumentation is absolutely insane most of the times, and I think that this makes this record special, the creativity is amazing. I was impressed with almost every track, for example the opening "Downward Spiral", what a track. The instrumental feels so trippy and it sets the tone of the record. "Rolling Stone" is a fantastic one, the hook is brilliant, and once again, incredible ... read more
Radiohead - The Bends
I've heard about Radiohead countless times. People be saying that they've made the best music ever and so on. As a music enjoyer, listening to Radiohead is a must do, so here I am. Many people recommended me to skip "Pablo Honey" because aparently, it is not that great, so I took advice and I will start here, but I think that I will listen to it eventually.

I obviously had very high expectations with this, and it didn't disappoint in the slightest. This record is fantastic, ... read more

Lana Del Rey - Lust for Life
Since I didn't like Honeymoon that much, I thought that I wasn't going to like this one at all. But surprisingly, I think that I enjoyed it a little more. This record is even longer than Honeymoon, and that was one of my issues, but I feel like the run time in this ocassion is compensated better. I didn't feel like extremely bored, I had a fun time listening, even though I think that the record would've been better if a couple of tracks were cut off. I don't think that this thing is a ... read more
Danny Brown - Old
This album is so weird dude. It is certainly divided in two parts, one of them is what you would expect from Danny, great production and bars. This section in the album has great moments, like the fantastic "The Return", Freddie's feature in fantastic and the beat is great too. I found "Wonderbread" to be a pretty fun song, I liked the beat and the playful hook. "Torture" is a very raw song, the lyrical content is very explicit, but I think that he delivered a ... read more
A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders

The main reason of that is because, in my opinion, this is more consistent. This record is skipless to me right now. There's not a single second in this record that I don't consider great. I'm in love with this record, and I really mean it. The beat selection is magnificent, all of them aer fantastic, and the verses, flows and hooks, damn they complement the beats so good. After hearing this record, I'm confident to say that these two belong to the best ... read more

Listen, I have a good excuse. I was going to listen to this years ago, and I did. The thing is that I got bored as fuck after "Hell", and I just quit. I know this sounds bad, but I swear I never so this, but seriously, I was bored. I left the record in the queue for years, and a couple of days ago I just remembered it existen and that I was missing on it.

So, this is A$AP Rocky's debut album that came out after his beloved mixtape, "LIVE.LOVE.A$AP", which I didn't ... read more

black midi - Cavalcade
Oh. Oh wow. I'm conflicted right now. I don't know if I like this one more than Hellfire, I'll give them both the same rating for now, and I guess time will tell me which I enjoy the most.

This record kicks off with the energetic and fantastic "John L". This track made me think that my headphones randomly stopped working, I wasn't expecting that silent moments in the song, but they fit so well in the song. Listening to that song, and right after to "Marlene Dietrich" is a ... read more

JPEGMAFIA - LP! (Offline Version)
Dude, I'm highly impressed by this record. Once I heard both of his two previous records, I knew that he was something special. Just listening to tracks like "Thug Tears" or "Kenan Vs. Kel", you know that this is a one to watch. The creativity and imagination that he has is outstading. I think that what mkaes me rise my eyebrows even more is how he is able to execute his ideas in the best way possible, and how he is not afraid of trying new things. He just gets better and ... read more
Yeah, this is what I call an improvement. Nirvana took all the weapons that they had and perfectioned them. This record improved every good aspect that "Bleach" had. The instrumentation is better, the structures are better, and the singing is better. I have to mention that I loved the bass throughout the record, it is one of the best things here in my opinion. "Polly" is where the bass can be heard the most, and what a fantastic track that is.

The record opens with one of ... read more

MF DOOM - Born Like This
First of all, why are there so many skits? It gets really annoying after hearing them a thousand times. I didn't mind some of the skits in "MM...FOOD", but it gets very tedeous here. Another issue I have is that there are some tracks that include a fantastic beat, and great rapping but they are too damn short. Why don't put them together? Like "BALLSKIN", that is so good, but it is too short man. The features were genuinely great, Raekwon and Ghostface absolutely murdered ... read more
slowthai - UGLY
I am lost for words. I wasn't expecting this record to hit me so hard in my feelings, the lyrical content in this thing is devastating most of the time. It made me think about everything, and that says how good this record was. Tracks like "Ugly", "Tourniquet" and "25% Club" are so damn powerful, and the passion that Slowthai shows while singing/rapping makes it even better. The production is phenomenal, it is agressive and his voice makes it work perfectly. ... read more
Killer Mike - R.A.P. Music
This is literallt a prequel of Run The Jewels. We can find the same style of production that characterizes the magnificent duo. There are some bangers here, and there's also some songs where the hook was a letdown in my opinion. The best example for this is "Untitled", I wasn't a fan. And per usual, great rapping by one of my favorites, Killer Mike.

I can't finish this review by not mentioning a couple things. The track "Reagan" has one of the best verses I've ever heard, ... read more

Kali Uchis - Red Moon In Venus
Finally, the record is here. Kali is back with a new album that feels way more mature than her previous efforts. But that doesn't mean that is is better than her masterpiece "Isolation". This new LP is very, very cohesive. There are very smooth transitions throughout the whole thing. The production is so clean most of the times. But of course, there's some issues. Some of the features didn't work that well. Omar Apollo's contribution was basically zero, and in my opinion, that track ... read more
This is certainly, an album. There's a dick in the cover?

Well, that being said, this goes hard as fuck. The lyrics are questionable at times, but the production, the damn production is pure fire. There are some incredible momets, like the opening track "Donkey Show", what a banger. I wasn't feeling "Mosquito" at first, I thought that the hook was corny, but after a couple listends, it got to me. "Crossing Guard" is fantastic, that hook leads to a great ... read more

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