Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
Sep 3, 2021
A "therapeutic" album without any criticism of her own self, without any real confrontation (or presentation) of the dark parts of herself.

I don't wanna be harsh on her or anything, this is definitely a fantastically produced album, cheers for Inflo. And Little Simz can definitely rap, she flows through these hooks, rhythms and harmonies with great confidence and musicality. She can be sentimental, thoughtful, aggressive, always saying what she wanna say, and always in an accessible and musically pleasing way.

But what bothers me, and I'm gonna be sincere here, is the character she's portraying. I mean, there's a whole effort to portray a strong, vulnerable, comprehensive, person. Even in her most introspective and bold song here (I love you, I hate you), she, in the end, is the voice of reason and common sense, for whom we shall recognize as the mature/better individual. This, for me, is a symptom of our "self-love" generation: we are so exposed in everyday life and so full of rules of how anyone should behave to be a "good" person, that we have lost the courage and even the skill to express and talk about our own human weakness and dramas. I really couldn't find any interesting insight on introspectiveness, relationships or self-improvement in this whole album. All I cound find, afterall, is the recognition of how woke she is. And I'm not saying this to shit on her, I just feel that this is too little for an album that portrey itself as such an exploration of human experience.

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