Peter Kernel - The Size of the Night
Mar 13, 2018
I randomly found this album scrolling through AOTY and, let's be real, only clicked on it because of the doggo on the cover. I began playing the album and immediately loved it. At the time I was only really interested in listening to something shorter, like an EP, but I ended up listening to this thing the whole way through. Only half way in did I realize that this band has so few listens, at least on Spotify.

The Size of the Night is something completely new for me. I don't know what to compare it to. It has these indie and alternative vibes, but almost in an evolved form. The songs aren't afraid to be longer, and change as they progress. If you skip randomly through one song on this album you might think it was three, and that is something I really appreciate. Pretty much every song on here is strong in its own way- each a ballad filled with emotion, pleasing instrumentals, and some awesome voices. Barbara's voice is some how able to sound sudo-punk and then drift into melody. Aris seems to, for the most part, back Barbara, but doesn't just fall, unseen in the shadows. You really feel like you are listening to these two people, and I loved all of it.

I don't know how much I would listen to any songs on this album alone, or say throw them in a playlist. I feel as though you can't separate them from the whole, which just makes this an even stronger album, but also makes me worry that I won't listen to this as much in the future as I should. The Size of the Night is a movie. Something you sit down and listen up to. I see this as good mood music for when you are feeling some feels, but also relaxing, even maybe studying music. Some parts can get a bit intense though.

I'm glad I found this band, and I'm glad they are now on my radar. I will have to go back and view some of their other stuff before I get the new.

Favorite Track: Men of the Women
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