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Eminem - The Eminem Show
Dec 6, 2020 (updated Feb 18, 2021)
I always found it interesting how more than half of Eminems albums are considered bad by the music community yet somehow he is still considered one of the best rappers oat? Or at least the 2000s.
But how does that even happen? Usually it takes one album for an artist to go from liked to hated, so how come Eminem came out with like 7 divisive/hated albums in a row and is still seen as a great rapper?
Well the answer is simple, his first few albums are just THAT good.

And before the mid 2000s came and he made the turn into hit or miss, and god the misses were just all kinds of awful, Eminem dropped one last great album and my personal favourite album from him.
The Eminem Show, to me, feels like his last 2 albums but bigger and better. I love the rap rock vibe of a lot of the songs here, it's a style that 100% fits Eminem imo. The instrumentation on this album is great. The album flows extremely well and his more shouty delivery works greatly in the albums favor. Some of the highlights on the album for me are def: Cleanin Out My Closet, although Eminem rapping about his mom isn't anything new at this point I think the way he does it is absolutely brutal:
"And Hailie's getting' so big now
You should see her, she's beautiful
But you'll never see her
She won't even be at your funeral"

"Remember when Ronnie died and you said you wished it was me?
Well, guess what?
I am dead, dead to you as can be!"

The whole song's just is basically Eminem letting out all of his feelings towards his mom out.

Really enjoy Sing For The Moment, I like the sample on the song a lot and how it's probably the most rock-ish song he's made, from the drums to the quiet guitar in the background in the verses to the damn guitar solo on the song. I'm pretty sure the guitar solo is part of the sample but honestly idc it still slaps. White America is Eminem at his angriest and it's got some of his best lyrics imo. While I wish there were a lot more songs here like that the other songs are still pretty amazing for the most part imo.

Without Me is the ultimate *I'm back* song imo. I love the way The Kiss transitions into Soldier which has one of the best instrumentals on the album imo. The bass sounds great, the beat slaps and the clapping in the background of the chorus sound really good. 'Till I Collapse honestly goes pretty hard, it's def one of his best songs. Also My Dad's Gone Crazy is... weirdly cute tbh. Honestly the only song on the album I don't really love is Drips, that song is just kinda dumb and sounds uninspired compared to the rest of the album.

Even with that song this album is quite amazing imo. To me this album is basically Eminems And Justice For All, while arguably the best, most interesting and aggressive (besides the song Kim from the last album) one that pushed the artist to new heights, its also seen as the weakest or one of the weakest of the artists original legendary run of albums. Whether it deserves that or not is for you to decide idk personally I enjoy this one the most out of all of his albums.

Fav Tracks: Sing It For The Moment, Without Me, Soldier, 'Till I Collapse, White America, Business, My Dad's Gone Crazy and Cleanin Out My Closet

7 albums hated In a a row ? Relapse and mmlp2 are loved now. Recovery is classed as a decent album .
@Sh5 Relapse got a pretty bad reception at the time and even now is more divisive than loved, outside of Eminem fans that is, mmlp2 is liked though I fucked up there. Recovery from what i've seen is often times seen as more mediocre than decent. Not my opinions, I love relapse and mmlp2, just what seems to be the general opinion from what I've seen.
The score is based af. My fav em albim
Relapse has grew on people from my experience. Recovery for some is a great album but most it's mid. His last 3 albums unfortunately are not well received on this site but I know alot people that love them .
Just a comment on what u said about sing for the moment, interestingly the solo was actually recorded by Joe Perry specifically for the Eminem record!
how bout superman, one of the best pop rap songs oat
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