Weezer - Van Weezer
May 7, 2021
Sadly, glam metal for this album is nothing more than just an aesthetic as Weezer delivers their most boring, dull and forgettable sets of tracks since raditude, not anywhere close as bad as that one but it's only a bit more enjoyable than that one.

As for pacific daydream, AT LEAST it didn’t butcher Crazy Train’s awesome riff for what is essentially their worst song in 12 years. This is an album that feels like it wants to do one thing but does something completely different instead and man is it awkward.

Essentially it wants to bring back the spirit and sound of 80s glam metal through the sound of overly clean radio pop-rock. And I love 80s glam metal, and I...sometimes like overly clean radio pop-rock, so shouldn’t this work for me?

Well it doesn’t cuz holy fuck does Rivers phone it in HARD with these at best below average vocals, and man are the solos on this fucking weak most of the time, and man are these choruses forgettable and wow is the writing basic and cheesy in the cringy way instead of the fun way. It’s sad because I liked the singles but besides those there’s NOTHING of note here.

Hero, sure is really bland and basic and nothing exciting really happens, but has a catchy hook for whatever that’s worth?
But then we have All the Good Ones which half reminds me of that new ADTR album and the other half...idk but wow are the verses really awkward and it has a really boring hook, and the way it teases you near the end with some shredding making you think it’ll get good but it doesn’t because then it goes back into whatever boring shit it was doing beforehand feels underwhelming af when it doesn’t go anywhere.

The End Of The Game and I Need Some Of That are good though, 2nd one has a really weak guitar solo but otherwise they’re good tracks...Right then the album version of Beginning Of The End comes and it’s way worse than the soundtrack version, it's less exciting and fun, the way it leads into the last chorus is really weird and forced, the song doesn’t really go anywhere and it ends abruptly, why? Just...why?

Right then Blue Dream comes and it steals the riff from Crazy Train and doesn’t do anything with it, it’s one of their worst songs ever imo, seriously fuck this song, I hate how in the verses it sounds like someone is playing the riff in a different room and I hate how Weezer’s inclusion of this riff is only used to make you go *hey I know that riff!* and that’s it, like it’s just kinda in the background for most of the song. Fucking wasted.

Anything interesting past this point? Not really, what are you gonna tell me that 1 More Hit or Sheila Can Do It are some album highlights? The one thing they got from glam metal bands right is that past track 4-5 everything is either useless filler garbage or...just garbage.

Maybe it’s just cuz I’ve waited so long for it that it could have never lived up to the hype but man was this a boring listen, all I wanted was some fun glam metal inspired music and I got some really dull and boring shit where I’ve already forgotten most of the songs after a few hours.

Fav Tracks: The End Of The Game, I Need Some Of That and Hero

agreed 100 percent
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