Fall Out Boy - American Beauty / American Psycho
Jul 20, 2020
This was my first review. It sucked ass, time to redo it.

FUCK this album, man this shit sucks hard, fob gone pop? more like sellout boy HA! I hat... I...wait... but like.... this is pretty alright actually
Gonna make it brief cuz I accidentally deleted my long version of this review 😔

Irresistible is alright, I like the horns but the chorus kinda sucks.

Title track is cool, I like the bassline and I think it samples motley crue although I'm not sure.

I really like centuries, pretty well written track, overplayed but honestly it's a pretty nice pop song.

The Kids aren't alright is decent, has a nice bassline.

Uma Thurman is dumb fun. Jet Pack Blues is a decent change of pace.

Novocaine is amazing, I love this song, NA NA NAs sound awesome af

Fourth Of July is cheesy af, please stop saying "you and I you and I were fire fire FIREWORKS". It's the fun type of cheesy tho. Favorite Record is surprisingly not atrocious

Immortals sucks ass, I can't stand the chorus, rest of the song is pretty above average tho.

Twin Skeletons is really great, might be my favorite song here. Great bassline and you can actually hear the guitar kind-of, which is pretty nice.

Not a perfect album but it fixes what was wrong with Save Rock N Roll, and the problem with that album was that it was pretty boring, this album is much more fun and imo better

Fav Tracks: Centuries, Twin Skeletons, Novocaine and Uma Thurman

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