Goodbye To Gravity - Mantras of war
2d ago
Well shit it's time for the album I submitted
I'll prb be talking about what happened on the day this album came out a lot during this review, which.... if you've ever heard the name "Colectiv" you should prb know all about. This album is quite tragic... well not necessarily the album itself but what was going on around it, to say they feel from grace is an understatement, before this came out they just got signed to a huge label from Romania, they were getting attention quickly, they had recorded 2 MVs and 2 lyric videos, it all looked really well for these guys.... then ah... they played a show in a club called colective at the launch party here in Bucharest ... During the show something went wrong and basically the whole place was caught on fire, taking the lives of 4/5 members and 60+ people just on that day, let alone in the following months...

The first song is one I find pretty haunting now, the lyrics themselves are about corruption but it's the chorus that makes it this way, its rumoured that it all happened while they were playing this song and it made sense, ofc they'd use the fireworks during the big single (christ I can't believe there were no laws against that...)
"We're not numbers we're free, we're so alive (so alive)
'Cause the day we give in is the day we die (the day we die)"

Shadow Puppets is the next song, it talks about selling your soul, idk I always thought this might have been about how they saw themselves signing to a big label. It's a pretty killer track though I won't lie.

And one thing I'll say about all of these songs is that they're pretty catchy, the singers voice is excellent, both his like growling voice and his clean melodic voice are excellent imo. The album is full of just like pure melodic metalcore energy. On the production side of things I see someone saying that it's too clean and/or overproduced but I never saw that as an issue as its not obnoxiously overproduced, you can hear every instrument clearly and it doesn't sound like a clusterfuck of sounds that you prb couldn't even tell were instruments.

I do wish there was more diversity but as a big label debut I see why they don't have any 10 minute prog epics or anything so in that regard I do feel like the band was holding back a bit. I pretty much love every song here. But there is one I do find to be pretty eh. Heed To Call, the band recorded a MV for this song that was released as a tribute after the incident happened. The song itself just doesn't really do anything too interesting, it's the most formulaic track here and instrumentation is a bit meh.

Atonement has a pretty good breakdown, Four Minutes Of Rage is exactly 4 mins long which I find satisfying for some reason, the song itself is really catchy, same for Rise From The Fallen which is also a really catchy song.

This Life Is Running Out and Ode to a sacrifice are the last tracks and I'll say this, I shouldn't even have to explain why This Life Is Running Out is one of the tracks that haven't really aged that well.

Ode To A Sacrifice is a song I find interesting in hindsight, although they sing the line "I will not become a sacrifice" I feel like that's exactly what happened. What happened that night was inevitable, the colectiv tragedy was something that was always gonna happen. People didn't care enough about preventing something like this from happening and... it happened, it was just a matter of when and who.... I really wish it could have never happened as this album shows an extreme amount of potential from 5 really talented individuals that were just trying to make it...

Is this a perfect album? nope
is it a great melodic metalcore album? damn fucking right

can't believe its almost been 5 years since it happened like jesus christ

RIP Goodbye To Gravity 😔

Fav Tracks: The Day We Die, 4 Minutes Of Rage, Shadow Puppet, Ode to a sacrifice and Rise From The Fallen
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