Pearl Jam - Ten
Jul 12, 2020 (updated Jul 12, 2020)
It's not the worst grunge album I've heard but it sure is the most middle of the road and uninteresting one (imo).

The guitarist does a decent job I guess... everything else is just so painfully uninteresting to me

Their vocalist sounds pretty meh imo, his voice doesn't really do much for me. The writing I found to be pretty uninteresting. None of the tracks stood out at all to me, not even the big singles from this album really did anything to me personally.

The last track in particular was a huge disappointment, I saw that it was 9 mins long and, for some reason, I thought they'd go for a 9 minute epic or something, y'know just make something interesting.... but naaaah here's another formulaic (I'm editing this rn and technically speaking yeah calling it a "formulaic" song isn't fair at all considering this came out before grunge had a clear formula, really calling any song here formulaic is a pretty stupid argument actually) 4 minute grunge song but there's a few mins of silence after it + a pretty meh hidden track..

Overall I don't dislike this album, I don't like it either, I just find it veeeery mediocre as nothing it does is new (again it was new at the time which I failed to see and pretty much all of this was new actually... shit my bad).

Fav Tracks: Once

Least Favs: Release

Yeah so edit: I was pretty unfair to this and I'm sorry, I still think the songs themselves are mediocre and uninteresting but calling this formulaic is pretty stupid on my case
Jul 12, 2020
I do not want to disagree (and happens that I am not even a PJ follower) but I think you are being to hard on them. By the way, you need to put this one in context my boy. It was not possible to be "formulaic" when the formula was not there. Ok, some of the ingredients were there, but not "that" thing you know today like grunge type of sound. Please, lets try to be fair on that point. Of course today it is going to sound formulaic.... they were one of the bands that create the formula. Cheers mate!
Jul 12, 2020
fair enough, I was too harsh on it in my review and yeah I can def see what you mean,I was def not that fair in my review and I apologise for that, also I guess you're right in that they were some of the people that created the formula so calling it formulaic isn't really fair to them

my score prb won't change anytime soon as for me 50 means that I'm neutral and that's kind-of how I'm feeling with this
I'll edit the review rn and I'm sorry again for not being exactly fair to it in my review
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