Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
Jul 26, 2020
Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish and the other words I can't remember from this title is an absolute masterpiece that everybody should listen too. This stunning rock opera about a dying starfish made out of chocolate and how he spend his last days and learning to accept fate as he can't change it is truly life changing.

Despite being a rock opera about what I said above its also a really personal and shocking album as Fred Durst comes out on one of the tracks, it was extremely brave to come out like that with the lyric "don't hate me I'm just an alien", one of those moments where you just have to stop and think about it... its truly a life changing lyric and I hope all my alien homies can come out too.

The song Rollin is the best song ever made, if you heard this on the radio in your car you'd be so shocked you'd stop the car just to listen and admire it (because people do that y'know). On the surface just a normal song with a catchy chorus, but the depth behind this song is absolutely amazing. Fred Durst destroys all expectations by not only calling for rockers but also... now this might be weird but... he also calls out for hip hoppers... I KNOW I KNOW! It's weird like... there has never been a band to merge these 2 fanbases into one like this, on the day this song came out in 1876 and got 4b plays on MySpace and Tumbrl (the world's biggest streaming platforms at that time) all the rock fans and hip hoppers came together as one!

Anyways back to the music, on the first track Freddy shows off his vocabulary as he breaks all expectations and says the word "fuck" around 48 times in the song... Its beautiful, it really is, great word usage man...

Dust sings "I know why you wanna hate me" on Take A Look Around as a reference to the line from earlier where he comes out as an alien, racism against all aliens stopped that day as Fr3d Du5t5 lyrics just ended racism on the spot, damn.

Their drummer Lars Hetfield, used this new technique called TrashSnare but sadly the band decided to not allow him to use that technique as the drummer of Ironnica already copyrighted that technique and he then sued the band for thinking about using that technique, it's sad to see how desperate Ironnica was, drummer Chady Krugeours had this to say "shit wack they stole my technique, exclamation point"

It'll Be Okay has the poor Starfish go insane and convince himself that he'll be okay and has many days left on this earth but as the song goes on he slowly realises its truly over and he should live his last few days doing what he always wanted to do...
Also in a brilliant move vocalist Pete Wentz takes a sudden POV change as the star fishes mother....s boyfriend says: "I would kill myself for you"
Damn. Brilliant moment.

On the song Hold On vocalist Josh Dun describes the last moments of the star fishes life as tells his parents that he'll hold on no matter what, he then died 2 seconds later. Emotional track... truly emotional, if you don't like this album then you can't experience emotions and you shall be banned from listening to music as you clearly can't see the objective qualities in this masterpiece of a record.

After that we then get Rollin again, this is a really bold move, nobody saw it coming, this is used to show how the starfishes life flashed before his eyes, he slowly closes his eyes as vocalist Adam Laveina sings.... "ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN"

This album is the best album ever made and anybody that says otherwise is OBJECTIVELY WRONG DAMNIT!

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