Imagine Dragons - Follow You + Cutthroat
Mar 12, 2021 (updated Mar 12, 2021)
I was so hyped for it, one of my all time favs band, like top 5 oat, releasing new music after 3 years I could NOT wait... but also Origins was the last thing they put out so I didn't know what to expect from these new songs, maybe they continue down the path of Evolve and Origins for some fucking reason? Maybe something 100% new? Something similar to NV and S+M? I had my hopes for a return to the sound of S+M but instead what I

Well let's start with the one that's the most radio friendly and with the only chance of being a pop hit. Follow you, is this very worm and cozy pop song, a few trap influences, it sounds pleasant and is very heartwarming. The lyrics are aimed at Dan Reynolds' wife, the whole song is about how she can always talk to him and he'll always be there for her even at her lowest point, it feels personal and genuine, he's reaching out for her, the lyrics talk about how she's been crying all night and feels disappointed in herself, he's saying how he wishes he could fix her but even if he can't he'll just follow her wherever she goes in life to make sure she's okay. It's a very sweet and happy track. I like at the end of the song those "la da da da da"s, they feel very playful. The orchestral elements also add a lot to the song, it feels like a song to play at a beach during summer. Songs really catchy too, hell it's probably their best lead single since I Bet My Life or Radioactive, it's a feel good song done right imo and most likely their best purely pop song.

And now...holy shiiiiit, the next song might just be their most experimental, off the wall, creative and in general best song since hopeless opus/amsterdam. Cutthroat exceeded every expectations I had of this band, look Follow You is a great pop song that manages to not fall under the same traps that Evolve fell threw...but this song? HOLY FUCK they went haaaaaaaaard on this song. This is some fuckin industrial electronic rock thing that puts everything else they've made to fucking shame. Does anyone remember Digital? That one awful deep cut from Origins that was all over the place and felt disjointed, well this song feels like it exists just to prove that not only was there a good idea at the core of Digital, but done correctly it could be outstanding and prove that Imagine Dragons CAN experiment and CAN be more than a pop-rock band when they give it their all, this song makes me confident in saying that this MIGHT just be their A Thousand Suns.

Commercially successful band whose reputation got pretty low after changing for better or worse (worse) decides to just say *y'know what, fuck you, fuck everyone, we're going off the deep end* and we got the closest they've made to an experimental rock song. The song's verses feature pianos and heavy drums while Dan gives a very whisper-like delivery, I've seen a few people say it kinda sounds like Billie Eillish and yeah the delivery does seem inspired by her I guess. The song builds this dark atmosphere that makes me think of being in a cage and fighting for your life, only emphasized by the lyrics ("And I came to win (Mis), so step on it -un And I promise you— Only one of us gon' make it out alive and it's not you ". Dan revealed that the song is "An examination of my life - finding that I am beyond blessed - and trying to rid myself of self doubt and loathing". In the chorus and in general throughout the song he's challenging himself, saying that only one part of him will remain alive.

After the second chorus the song suddenly and abruptly ends... and then shit goes fucking wild with this switch-up/outro breakdown that goes on for a minute, love the menacing synths and the percussion slaps (during the whole song their drummer just kills it tbh), it's pretty great and reminds of Blackout by Linkin Park when that song just went off the deep end but here it's def to a lesser extend. Dan's screaming is awesome, I always dug him as a shouty vocalist.

Idk man like...I know most people will probably find follow you to be bland and cutthroat to be a cringe inducing mess but personally I'm really happy with how these songs turned out and I'm hyped for the new album, to me it feels like Imagine Dragons are living up to their potential in both creativity and making actually great pop songs. Rick Rubin and Joel Little both killed it on the production side, the lyrics and instrumentation are a lot more interesting than on the last few projects and I think this might just be their best album, as a huge fan of the band I am obviously very biased towards these songs but for me this was the make or break moment, I can excuse one Origins because I just like listening to it and it makes me feel good despite it's MANY MANY flaws, but 2? That's taking it a bit too far and you start to lose me. But thankfully this is a make, good job guys, these songs made my week and I'm looking forward for what's next to come from you!

Follow You 9/10
Cutthroat 10/10

Love this review!! My brother is a big fan of Imagine Dragons too, I need to check these two songs out now!! :)
I hear that a lot @a_star
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