Justin Bieber - Freedom.
Apr 4, 2021
I thought yall were fucking joking, giving Justin a 0 feels like such a cliche to me at this point...and then I heard it.

In a way I think Bieber saw this as him going out in a blaze of glory, telling the industry and the world to go fuck themselves, he will say what he has to say and nobody can stop him from doing so. No compromises here baby!

And yet what we got is someone on AJR levels of delusion about what they're making, taking Lauryn Hill's Unplugged 2.0 christian preachy as shit side and putting in some of that 30 seconds to mars pretentious attitude and then times 10. It's legendarily bad. I want to give it to him, as a career suicide move this works in both it ruining his chances at scoring hits and most probably losing more than half of his fanbase, it's like when Eminem made Encore as a middle finger to the audience and the critics except worse in every way because Eminem knew what he was doing, Justin however thinks this album will enlighten people, help heal them by guiding them to God...blegh, let's be fucking real here on paper it sounds pretentious and in execution it's...pretentious woah.

The lyrics are like:
"even in a pandemic god is still planning"
"what i can't do winnie the poo"
"I feel deprived as an empty can"
There's we're in this together which goes *WERE IN THIS TOGETHER TOGETHER*

Oh also there's a feature here, on the song Where Do I Fit In that I shit you not is from the point of view of GOD HIMSELF! YEAH.

"I hear those words over and over, “it’ll be alright”
Go to sleep my child, it’ll be alright
Sleep soundly, my child, it’ll be alright
I’m right here, my child, it’ll be alright
I won’t go anywhere, it’ll be alright
You’re in the palm of my hand, it’ll be alright
My arms are wrapped around you, it’ll be alright
While you sleep, I watch over you, it’ll be alright
I’ll take care of your loved ones, it’ll be alright
Your future’s in my hands, it’ll be alright
Your past is forgiven, it’ll be alright
Your future is secure, it’ll be alright
I forgive you, it’ll be alright
I’m your friend that’s closer than a brother, it’ll be alright
Sleep now for when the morning comes, my mercies will be new, it’ll be alright"

Doesn't that say everything about how misguided and dogshit this is, Justin I know you're not the one who wrote and sang that verse but in what world is putting a verse on your song that's from the pov of God a good idea? Isn't that literally a sin? HELLO? What was he thinking?

Ugh and the music here has nothing going on, it's slow and sad and it tries to be Drake really hard and is actively failing at that. Y'know I've never been one to hate religion being talked about in music by default but when it's this preachy it's just so obnoxious and the project throughout feels so lifeless.

That's what makes this even worse, it feels completely lifeless and depressing, Justin feels depressed which does not help the situation on this record as if he felt full of passion about this and tried to make it feel more energetic and like he was at least sorta enjoying preaching the things he preaches this shit would be better, not saying it'd be good, Justin still has 0 personality as a singer but it'd be better...

But it's not better, this is atrocious and the fallout from this album will be infinitely more interesting to watch than hearing this abomination. Look...If you're gonna make an album this serious and try to sing about things that are important to you then put some life into it. It feels like you literally could NOT care one bit. In other words:

So Justin, if you're gonna preach
For God sakes, preach with conviction!
Apr 5, 2021
lmao ☠️☠️☠️☠️ u murdered him
6d ago
All She Wrote is basically him trying to be a rapper
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