Fall Out Boy - Love From The Other Side
Jan 18, 2023
Fall Out Boy are back and this new single is just about as good as it sounds on paper.

It does feel like them picking things up from where Folie A Deux left off instead of MANIA or the 2 albums before that. It's not trying to follow any trends nor is it trying to be a hit, they've had enough of those and they know it would never work again.

It's just them making a rather straight forward alt rock song and I love it, orchestral elements and the piano are the parts where it feels like a progression from Folie A Deux. Saying that it is not as good as the best moments off their best albums, but that's not the point. Rarely is the lead single the best on a Fall Out Boy album so I imagine there's other songs on the album that are perhaps more interesting although this is their best lead single since I Don't Care and their most instantly memorable as well, for good reasons this time.

Lyrically it's not quite where I want them to be at but it's getting closer, it does bring back some of that FOB character (very cool sounding nonsense that's also not exactly nonsense but nobody could really be bothered to look enough into them to figure out whatever Pete has to say) but then there's some very lame lines "get the feeling don't fight it fight it"

I do love the line "I'd never go, I just want to be invited", as a lonely introverted mf I do feel this line.

The song moves at a pretty good pace, I imagine this is the opening track given the 30 second orchestral intro. It's got some energy, if it didn't maybe it'd be easier to notice the fact that the riffs are sorta generic in parts and the whole thing would come off as fake. It's easier than it sounds to fuck up a 'back to roots' record as I found out since intentions are what make the difference between The Hunting Party by Linkin Park and a Drones by Muse. This is more in the first camp, it is very obvious that they wanted to do this and after the disaster that was MANIA and the fact it had been more than 10 years since the last proper rock song from them, at least that's how I feel coming off of this song.

It's not a perfect song, but it's fun and I feel good listening to it, I was worried it'd be too little too late, like with the Panic! album where the little steps taken to bring them back in the right direction ended up not doing much given the awful songwriting and generic unoriginal sound.

This should do enough for former and current fans to get to care about them again, it's been a bit over year since I was last into the band and this might just get me back into them.

I think they were genuinely into the idea of making rock music again and the album will turn out well because of it.. so don't fuck it up please.

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