Fitz & the Tantrums - More Than Just a Dream
Dec 17, 2020
Imagine Dragon Deez Nuts

Part Five

I feel tired...this album is so full of energy and that 80s influence that least used love to hear but I got nothing out of this, maybe I'm just not in the right mood, like I'm not exactly feeling like listening to the most cliche YEAAAAH AAAA OOOO WOAAAH core 80s pop album that came out in the 2010s but usually this type of stuff makes me feel good even if I'm not in the mood for happy music...
Maybe this type of stuff is just growing off me, like at this point it feels tired, done before better and *god can we rip off another decade?*, but is it really fair to judge a 2013 album on the fact that in 2020 I'm bored of 80s influenced synth pop? No but I'll do it anyways because I'm really running out of anything to say about...every album I review.

I feel burned the fuck up on these types of albums, they are all practically the same in my eyes rn. They all have the same themes and lyrics, they all have the same vibe to them, they all have similar sounding choruses, god in this case I can't even tell the songs on this album apart it's like one huge bland ball of below average garbage pop I've heard a trillion times before. The album isn't even bad, I tried to find something specifically bad about it, like this def isn't an album with one or more huge flaws that just make it awful it's just...there is nothing here that makes it that good to me. Its all huge choruses and nothing else. Idk I feel like I have nothing to say about this album and I literally cannot justify rating this album this low but man I can't justify a higher score at all.

I really tried to get into this but everytime I'd just feel fucking miserable, with each super happy sounding song that's either about love or just vaguely about love, with each huge chorus and catchy hook I felt more and more depressed listening to this, after like track 6 I didn't even want to finish it, I kept checking the tracklist online to see if any of these were bonus tracks. I don't think this type of 80s rip off synth pop bs is my thing anymore. I got absolutely no enjoyment from this album and I felt like soulless after it, I'm sorry

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