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Metallica - Death Magnetic
Aug 24, 2020
Honestly this album would be on par with Kill Em All for me if the production was better and if some of the songs weren't so... overdone?

The production on this album sounds really flat. A lot of songs that like Broken, Beaten & Scarred would be so much better with better production as the song itself is pretty great. Also another issue with this album, it's so forgettable, besides a few tracks. Seriously who tf remembers The End Of The Line? I don't at least and I listened to this album a few times.

The Day That Never Comes, although not a bad song, just feels like 2 Metallica songs that have already been done just smashed together which makes for this average at best ballad.

However there's also some really great songs here that save the album for me. All Nightmare Long, My Apocalypse and the Unforgiven III are amazing imo. Those are the real standouts on the album for me personally. The rest of the tracks are fine ig, The Judas Kiss is as unmemorable and mediocre as a post 1995 Metallica song can get, Cyanide is decent, Suicide & Redemption is their worst instrumental by far, not that it's bad, it's like okay, kind-of mediocre .. but it just feels like a normal song where they just didn't know what to make it about so they just made it an instrumental cuz why not.

Also while I appreciate to attempt to make every track an metal epic it falls flat a lot, some of these tracks would be way better if they were just like... 4 minute songs, idc if they would have been more formulaic at least they'd be something y'know. Only the standout tracks should be as long as they are imo but even then having them be slightly shorter could have also worked

That Was Just Your Life: 80
The End of the Line: 45
Broken, Beat & Scarred: 60
The Day That Never Comes: 60
All Nightmare Long: 90
Cyanide: 60
The Unforgiven III: 90
The Judas Kiss: 50
Suicide & Redemption: 55
My Apocalypse: 90

Yeah while I do think this is better than St Anger, I'd still take St. Anger over this as at least that album was more memorable and interesting imo

looks like we both went on a Metallica discog dive around the same time lol. you obviously enjoyed it more than I did tho lmao. i wouldn't check out some of my ratings...
@HoodieBraden well I checked out all of your reviews on Metallica 👀
good reviews, I definitely get where you're coming from and understand your points even if I may disagree with them and/or your scores. Each to their own 👍
Also I reviewed em in preparation for S&M2 which I was super excited about lol
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