Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
The Morning Glory Era

It’s hard to think of many follow up records that are as good as this one.

Noel was already in his golden period by the time Oasis got signed, but after Definitely Maybe he went into ‘best artist of the generation’ mode, where everything he touched turned to gold.

Sure everything on DM was fantastic but not everything around that period was as the B-sides only ever got good around the 4th single.

Though set period didn’t even start with this ... read more

Metallica - If Darkness Had a Son
New Metallica so far has been exciting only until hearing the songs themselves, I could excuse and really get into Lux Aeterna but this is painfully unoriginal and derivative, they're not like stealing from others but themselves. It's a straight up rip off of Eye Of The Beholder from AJFA but not nearly as good.

It's one thing to go "oh this reminds me of this album" but when you can instantly pinpoint the song it's ripping off...ugh that's not good, especially when it's so blatant. ... read more

Oasis - Definitely Maybe
The Definitely Maybe Era

Oasis are quite the interesting band, although these days known only for Wonderwall by most, they were very much one of the best bands around back in their glory years and people don’t talk enough about that or just write them off because of Wonderwall being a meme.

A bit unfortunate because if you ask me… shit man they are one of the best bands of the 90s, Noel Gallagher went into an absolute monster golden period between 94-97 where every single song he ... read more

Fall Out Boy - Love From The Other Side
Fall Out Boy are back and this new single is just about as good as it sounds on paper.

It does feel like them picking things up from where Folie A Deux left off instead of MANIA or the 2 albums before that. It's not trying to follow any trends nor is it trying to be a hit, they've had enough of those and they know it would never work again.

It's just them making a rather straight forward alt rock song and I love it, orchestral elements and the piano are the parts where it feels like a ... read more

Metallica - Lux Æterna

Waited years for this and...yeah I really liked this, it is standard Metallica but I don't think that's a bad thing, next year it'll have been 40 years since their debut and for a band that has been playing for so many decades, it's about as good as you'd expect y'know.

The riff is good, the song is catchy, the bass sounds good, the solo rips harder than any of the honestly underwhelming solos from hardwired (though given what happened with Kirk's phone I think it ... read more

Ringo Starr - Ringo
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 13


Well…”made”, Ringo (the album), is essentially Ringo singing songs others wrote for him but you know what. That works for him, I don’t have a problem with that. Especially when the material is actually good.

I mean look at the opener, I’m The Greatest, it’s got John’s lyrics and George’s guitar playing. That alone makes it good, the fact ... read more

John Lennon - Mind Games
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 12
Mind Games

Some Time In New York City was a disaster, so much so that John stopped making political songs a big focus for his projects and his relationship with Yoko worsened so much that they ended up splitting up for a while.

John also decided to not work with Phil Spector on this album and instead produce it himself. So with all of that said…is this album better than the last?

Yeah but it’s safe y’know, it’s a safe retreat into the ... read more

George Harrison - Living in the Material World
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 11
Living In The Material World

In 1971 George Harrison put together and played the first benefit concert with the “Concert for Bangladesh” shows. Following this Harrison took a year off writing and recording music.

At some point in 1972 he got back in the studio and started work on a new project, this time scaling back the scope of his project following the gigantic All Things Must Pass sessions which featured a lot of musicians, this time only ... read more

Wings - Red Rose Speedway
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 10
Red Rose Speedway

The first Wings album was a bit of a commercial disappointment, due to this the band got a bit of a name change into Paul McCartney & Wings in the hopes that people would find it easier to give them a chance.

They started playing live shows in 1972, beginning with often announced shows at universities actually. Smart move actually, as the first few shows when they were still new and hadn’t figured out what they wanted to do and ... read more

John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Some Time In New York City
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 9
Some Time In New York City

John Lennon loses the plot.

The album opens on Woman is the n…woman is th-...oh no.

So ugh this is the album in which John comes out as a certified gamer. This is the album in which John’s politics go a bit too far and what we get is a bunch of well intentioned but painfully misguided songs.

Some Time In New York City is kinda like that one asshole that brings politics into everything and will never talk about anything ... read more

Wings - Wild Life
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 8
Wild Life

After the release of RAM, Paul got the idea to create a new band, maybe start over fresh. So he put together the band Wings featuring him on Bass and vocals, his wife Linda on keyboard, Denny Laine on guitar and Denny Seiwell on drums.

The group recorded their debut album in just 8 days, with 5 of the 8 songs on this album being first takes…and oh boy can you tell.

The album doesn’t start on a great note with Mumbo, Paul’s vocals ... read more

John Lennon - Imagine
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 7

John Lennon’s 2nd album is a huge change in style from his first, it’s much more commercial and conventional, with less harsh and intense moments, it’s also far less consistent.

Though that doesn’t take anything away from John’s admittedly fantastic songwriting skills and his knack for a catchy tune.

The album opens on Imagine which is a song everyone is familiar with and has a strong opinion about…Oh boy here I go, ... read more

Paul McCartney & Linda McCartney - Ram
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 6

In October of 1970 Paul and his wife Linda flew to New York to record a new album. This time ditching the homemade and lo-fi feel of its predecessor and going for something that’s ugh…weirder.

Where the first album was an important album for Lo-Fi, this is an important album for indie pop music of all things as it’s seen as one of the earliest examples of that sound and a huge influence over the genre.

This is the only album in his ... read more

John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band - John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 5
Plastic Ono Band

John, just like Paul, subverts expectations on his first solo record post Beatles, by creating something very different from what people expected from him.

This is a very raw and emotionally charged record, John opens up a lot on this album about himself and his struggles. This is the least commercial of the 4 post beatles breakup albums so far. Even Paul’s Lo-Fi experiment had Maybe I’m Amazed on it. It’s harsher and more ... read more

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 4
All Things Must Pass

This album is one of the hardest solo Beatles records to review, similar to most Beatles albums, the content is so legendary that it’s hard to find something new or interesting to say about it. Like come on everyone knows that when it came to the first year of post beatles material, George swept the floor with the others. Nobody had any doubts this album would be good but I don’t think anybody expected something THIS good right ... read more

Ringo Starr - Beaucoups of Blues
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 3
Beaucoups of Blues

Ringo why? What’s the point of releasing a 2nd album of just standards? The one thing this album has going for it is that it’s like…different from the last one I guess, that one was traditional pop and this one’s country pop.

That’s the only difference between the 2 really, it’s still like, yeah a good selection of songs, but done in a very boring way by Ringo because I’m sorry but this man shows ... read more

Paul McCartney - McCartney
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 2

The Beatles officially broke up on April 10th 1970 as Paul McCartney announced to the public he had left the band, exactly a week later, his first solo record, McCartney, released.

This album is an interesting subversion of what you would expect from Paul, this is an important album in the development of Lo-Fi music, having all the instruments being played by Paul and singing all the songs alone except for a few moments in which his wife Linda does ... read more

Ringo Starr - Sentimental Journey
The Beebles In The 70s: Part 1
Sentimental Journey

I always thought that Paul was the first to go solo once John left the group and the breakup was on the horizon, but apparently Ringo beat him to it by a few weeks and Paul was simply the one to leave first after the band officially broke up.

So… technically speaking this is the first Beatles solo album that isn’t experimental pretentious garbage that only counts if you’re a masochist (Sorry George and John I guess). Is it ... read more

Imagine Dragons - Mercury - Act 2
Yeah yeah it’s a positive review for the new Imagine Dragons from me who could have possibly guessed.

I wasn’t looking forward to this one as much as Act 1 to be honest, was afraid this would just be a B-sides album but it’s actually pretty different from Act 1, way more mellow. I doubt it’ll make anybody who hates them go *wow Imagine Dragons is actually a good band* but maybe you won’t hate it as much because it is very different, they aren’t exactly ... read more
The Beach Boys - That's Why God Made the Radio
The Beach Boys Surprisingly Strange Discography and History: 39
That’s Why God Made The Radio

The Beach Boys Swan Song

Back in 1998 after Carl Wilson sadly passed away from lung cancer the band sort-of broke up. Al and Brian were seemingly done with the band, and with Carl and Dennis being dead, Mike was essentially the only one left who wanted to keep the band alive. So he licensed out the band from Brian so he could keep touring as The Beach Boys, I guess it makes sense for him to do ... read more

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"No forgiveness, you'll be hearing from my lawyers >:( Jokes aside this really didn't have to be 18 bloody tracks long, could have cut 5 or 6 songs from it and it would have worked a lot more tbh"
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On KillBill's review of Panic! at the Disco - Pretty. Odd.
"Yeah that's why, Brendon took over on the next album for the lyrics and you can tell he doesn't have as distinct of a style as Ryan. The last song on Vices was originally written by Ryan though, was supposed to be on an album they ended up scratching that turned into Pretty Odd, easily the best song on the album imo."
On KillBill's review of Panic! at the Disco - Pretty. Odd.
"The psychedelic pop tag I think comes from the beatles/beach boys influence I think, might also be due to the lyrics which def were written while they were high lol. Glad you enjoyed this one more than the debut though. The next one also has some pretty good highlights (last song specifically) but the writing takes a huge nosedive into blandness on a lot of songs, the "diarrhea of words" (love that description btw, very accurate) approach is missing from this point on but what replaces it I don't think you'll find much better. Anyways good review"
On Thirty Seconds to Mars - AMERICA
"@treblafreeman meh, I don't think imagine dragons really try to be deep at this point, they just make commercial pop music, they don't seem to try and make it seem like it's anything more than that anymore imo."
On DoubleZ's review of Ray Barretto - Acid
"Nice! Great picks, I'm still slowly coming around on Smiley Smile as I just kinda dismissed it for a while for not being smile and some songs don't do it for me that much but I love the other ones you mentioned. I didn't grow up with the band and got into them rather late, first time I heard them was in around 2019 when I was 14 but it was seeing the Love and Mercy movie last year that really got me into the band. Also yeah I was def lucky, there were only 2 copies left on the website I got it from and was lucky enough to have enough money to be able to order one of those before they ran out. For the longest time I couldn't pick between which 2 I would get on vinyl if I happened to find them so I was happy to see both in one, was only 25$, for 2 albums in one that's a pretty decent deal, also contains some cool information about that period of the bands history and some nice words written about Dennis."
On DoubleZ's review of Ray Barretto - Acid
"Thx :), been getting into the band a lot this year, I got the feel flows boxset today with surfs up and sunflower (the 2lp version tho). I'm curious, what's your fav non pet sounds/smile album from the band if you have one?"
On The Beach Boys - Adult Child
"@ocrakraut thx"
On DoubleZ's review of Ray Barretto - Acid
"Great review, nice to see this series return"
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"The biggest issue is probably that a lot of these bands don't go the electronic path out of passion/respect for the genre and wanting to make something cool but rather to make their music more commercial, which doesn't automatically make it bad but yeah no most of the time it sure does suck and the music is almost always overblown and overproduced without anything all that interesting or fun to offer."
On treblafreeman's review of Thirty Seconds to Mars - AMERICA
"the real mistake was to let rock bands make electropop tbh"
On MAN's review of Queen - Innuendo
"so based"
On The Beach Boys - M.I.U. Album
"@Quet I'm not tryin to insinuate anythin but just saying Dennis and Carl didn't vote commercial and they both died so..."

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