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Nov 12, 2018
Truly a masterpiece by Sabrina. Let's keep this one short, since it's only an 8-track album.

'Almost Love' feels underrated. It's a great song, and I think it could be a bit more appreciated. 'Paris' is a nice, slow song that is also very great. 'Hold Tight (ft. Uhmeer),' 'Sue Me,' and 'prfct' all add up to create a nice middle.

The album proceeds to close with 'Bad Time,' and then the two gorgeous tracks, 'Mona Lisa' and 'Diamonds Are Forever.'

Great work by Sabrina.

Essential Tracks: ... read more
Nov 8, 2018
Sadly, this came out as a total fad, with the exception of a few songs. It felt more as an attempt to get her back in the spotlight before she announced her Vegas residency.

The opening 3 tracks are about as good as it gets. The synth-pop vibe, but noticeable error on 'Alien,' and then the two bangers 'Work Bitch' and 'Perfume.' 'It Should Be Easy (ft. will.i.iam)' felt more like an attempt to create a 'Big Fat Bass' vibe. It failed. 'Tik Tik Boom (ft. T.I.)' is more or so just a boring song. ... read more
Nov 7, 2018
While straying aside from the content of The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way, and ARTPOP sound-wise, she managed to step up from the disaster of ARTPOP to produce one of her better LPs.

It seems that Gaga likes to jam all her good songs into the beginning of the albums. 'Diamond Heart' is an opener that tells people "Yeah, this is different. Deal with it." 'A-YO,' 'Joanne,' 'John Wayne,' 'Dancin' In Circles,' 'Perfect Illusion,' and 'Million Reasons' are all tracks that I ... read more
Nov 7, 2018*
The motorcycle lady is the best lady, obviously. Like The Fame did, this song had unforgettable tracks for me, as well.

'Marry The Night' and 'Born This Way,' with the former being a little underrated, are both good tracks. 'Born This Way' is the perfect self-acceptance anthem. 'Government Hooker' is a decent track, if a little forgettable for me. 'Judas' and 'Americano' are good tracks to me.

The next 4 tracks, 'Hair,' 'Scheiße,' 'Bloody Mary,' and 'Bad Kids' are all good tracks to me. ... read more
Nov 7, 2018
While only containing 8 tracks, it managed to hit me a lot harder than The Fame did. Some amazing tracks all contributing together to great a great piece by Gaga.

'Bad Romance' is obviously one of Gaga's greatest songs she's ever released. I feel upset that it got robbed of the #1 spot on the Billboard 100. 'Alejandro' isn't a song I'm too crazy about, but it's a good song nonetheless. 'Monster' is also good. 'Speechless' is a beautiful ballad that Gaga honestly should've released as a single, ... read more
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