Poppy - Am I A Girl?
Nov 4, 2018 (updated Nov 4, 2018)
I feel as though this could have been something more. Some of Poppy's lyrics sound very off throughout the songs, like she just sang to sang with music being drawn up afterward to fit in. But, there are some great tracks here, too.

The first four tracks of the album tackle sort of more fashionable topics. These songs include lead single 'In A Minute', 'Fashion After All,' 'Iconic,' and 'Chic Chick.' This section is a little boring, as 'In A Minute' is only a decent track, 'Fashion After All' is very boring, despite some very memorable lines ("My wrists are terrorists."), and hearing Poppy say "Suck my dick" on 'Chic Chick' just doesn't sit right with me. 'Iconic' is a great track, however, and is very catchy.

After an interlude, the next 5 tracks tackle over-sexualization, how humanity is killing the planet, and being a replacement. 'Time Is Up' is a very deep song, and is one of the best songs. 'Aristocrat' gives a throwback to her EP, Bubblebath (Which is amazing, by the way.) 'Hard Feelings' is a boring track that I don't really get into like I can with other tracks. 'Girls In Bikinis' is a short and decent track, and 'The Rapture Ball,' while having a good beat, has the worst vocals on the album. Poppy sounds empty and meaningless, like she doesn't even care to be singing that song. Such a shame for an amazing beat to get sapped vocals.

Follow another interlude, and you've reached the heavy metal section. 'Am I A Girl?,' the title track, is a highlight of the album, diving super deep into gender confusion. A must-track for the album. Following it is 'Play Destroy,' which is honestly a little boring, despite being heavy metal. The lack of vocals throughout the verses kills the song for me. The closing track, 'X,' is even heavier, and jumps around all over the place, from a bubbly chorus to a heavy verse about "giving bloody" and "getting naughty," which then jumps into a nearly quiet part with Poppy saying "Poetry, poetry, poetry."

I would've recommended adding 'Immature Couture,' a song she released months before the album premiered, as it would've fit in well in the beginning section. Adding her cover of Gary Numan's 'Metal' would've worked in the last section, as well. Removing or re-making poorly made tracks like 'Hard Feelings' and 'The Rapture Ball' would've also been nice.

Overall, the album focuses less about Poppy and more about not Poppy. Mostly good tracks, but too many duds to be an astounding album.

Essential Tracks: Iconic, Time Is Up, Aristocrat, Girls In Bikinis, Am I A Girl?, X
Least Essential Tracks: Chic Chick, Hard Feelings, The Rapture Ball, Play Destroy
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