Poppy - Bubblebath
Nov 4, 2018 (updated Nov 4, 2018)
Bubblebath contains Poppy's strongest work to date. While keeping the mature content that would later appear on 'Am I A Girl?' in its lyrics, it didn't dive into the internet persona that was Poppy. It was just... music!

'Lowlife' has some beautifully crafted lyrics, an amazing beat, and remains Poppy's most popular song to date. 'Money' contains maybe just a bit too much autotune, but is a greatly-crafted song, like the one before. 'American Kids,' which may be a surprise, is the highlight of the album. It's got so many topics wrapped up into one song. Teens dying at a young age, trying to fit in, committing crimes, and so much more. It's beautiful. Her voice is beautiful. The song itself is just beautiful. 'Altar' is fairly decent. My least favorite of the 4, but it's not bad.

I really enjoyed the EP, and I hope Poppy, if she releases a third album, can go more towards her roots.

Essential Tracks: Lowlife, Money, American Kids
Least Essential Tracks: Altar
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Nov 4, 2018
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