Nov 12, 2018
Truly a masterpiece by Sabrina. Let's keep this one short, since it's only an 8-track album.

'Almost Love' feels underrated. It's a great song, and I think it could be a bit more appreciated. 'Paris' is a nice, slow song that is also very great. 'Hold Tight (ft. Uhmeer),' 'Sue Me,' and 'prfct' all add up to create a nice middle.

The album proceeds to close with 'Bad Time,' and then the two gorgeous tracks, 'Mona Lisa' and 'Diamonds Are Forever.'

Great work by Sabrina.

Essential Tracks: ... read more
Nov 8, 2018
Sadly, this came out as a total fad, with the exception of a few songs. It felt more as an attempt to get her back in the spotlight before she announced her Vegas residency.

The opening 3 tracks are about as good as it gets. The synth-pop vibe, but noticeable error on 'Alien,' and then the two bangers 'Work Bitch' and 'Perfume.' 'It Should Be Easy (ft. will.i.iam)' felt more like an attempt to create a 'Big Fat Bass' vibe. It failed. 'Tik Tik Boom (ft. T.I.)' is more or so just a boring song. ... read more
Nov 7, 2018
While straying aside from the content of The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way, and ARTPOP sound-wise, she managed to step up from the disaster of ARTPOP to produce one of her better LPs.

It seems that Gaga likes to jam all her good songs into the beginning of the albums. 'Diamond Heart' is an opener that tells people "Yeah, this is different. Deal with it." 'A-YO,' 'Joanne,' 'John Wayne,' 'Dancin' In Circles,' 'Perfect Illusion,' and 'Million Reasons' are all tracks that I ... read more
Nov 7, 2018*
The motorcycle lady is the best lady, obviously. Like The Fame did, this song had unforgettable tracks for me, as well.

'Marry The Night' and 'Born This Way,' with the former being a little underrated, are both good tracks. 'Born This Way' is the perfect self-acceptance anthem. 'Government Hooker' is a decent track, if a little forgettable for me. 'Judas' and 'Americano' are good tracks to me.

The next 4 tracks, 'Hair,' 'Scheiße,' 'Bloody Mary,' and 'Bad Kids' are all good tracks to me. ... read more
Nov 7, 2018
While only containing 8 tracks, it managed to hit me a lot harder than The Fame did. Some amazing tracks all contributing together to great a great piece by Gaga.

'Bad Romance' is obviously one of Gaga's greatest songs she's ever released. I feel upset that it got robbed of the #1 spot on the Billboard 100. 'Alejandro' isn't a song I'm too crazy about, but it's a good song nonetheless. 'Monster' is also good. 'Speechless' is a beautiful ballad that Gaga honestly should've released as a single, ... read more
Nov 7, 2018
The Fame was obviously a great piece from Gaga, but it suffers from a few things: The better songs at the beginning, as well as some forgettable ones, too.

Beginning the album is the 4 smash-hits 'Just Dance (ft. Colby O'Donis),' 'LoveGame,' 'Paparazzi,' and 'Poker Face.' No complaints about any of these songs, as they're all great songs that got Gaga's career really going. While 'Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)' is kind of boring for me, personally, 'Beautiful, Dirty, Rich' is a cool ... read more
Nov 5, 2018
Ah, yes, Ariana's true masterpiece. It suffers a few drawbacks, though, like every other album.

'Moonlight' is the perfect ballad to open up the album to. It's a soft, sweet song that, while being a tad different, gets the listener all calmed and relaxed before Ariana can grab their attention even more with single 'Dangerous Woman' and bop 'Be Alright.' These are both great songs that are definitely worth listening to. 'Into You' is also another great follow-up, and is personally one of my ... read more
Nov 5, 2018*
I've never listened to any of Carrie's albums in full before. I was completely blown away by this. I remember loving her song 'Blown Away' years and years ago. It was the first song I was able to fully memorize. This album is so beautiful. So many beautiful heartfelt songs and topics like a family's loss from gun violence or drinking problems.

'Cry Pretty' is honestly a beautiful song. I nearly came to tears hearing it in full for the first time. 'Ghosts On The Stereo' and 'Low' also ... read more
Nov 5, 2018
Circus is pretty much an album for some outtakes that didn't make it into Britney's past few albums. However, the album does spawn some pretty great, and not so great, songs.

'Womanizer' and 'Circus,' two very excellent songs, kick off the album with a nice electro pop-like vibe. Immediately after, 'Out From Under,' a single scrapped at the last minute, dive into a deep and emotional ballad. All though a bit out of place, it's a great song. 'Kill The Lights' is a nice song about the battle ... read more
Nov 4, 2018
The predecessor of this album, Circus, was a little too over the place, so it was nice to see Britney dive down into one genre again. Some of the songs here remind me of Blackout in the way that they're very danceable, something that Circus lacked.

The first 5 tracks 'Till The World Ends,' 'Hold It Against Me,' 'Inside Out,' 'I Wanna Go,' and 'How I Roll' are all extremely good bops. All the tracks above, with the exception of 'Inside Out' (which deserved to be a single), are extremely groovy ... read more
Nov 4, 2018
After the disaster that was Britney Jean, this was a great surprise. Seeing Britney turn back to, you know, better music was nice.

Glory's opening few songs, 'Invitation,' 'Make Me... (ft. G-Eazy),' and 'Private Show' are fairly decent. 'Make Me...' is best of three. Britney's vocals are a tad scratchy on 'Private Show,' but it was a fairly new sound. Good on her.

Next up, 'Man On The Moon' and 'Just Luv Me' are some extremely great songs. The former is what I prefer, but they're both ... read more
Nov 4, 2018
A very iconic album of the 2000s with even more iconic songs.

The album opens with ‘Me Against The Music (ft. Madonna),’ which is honestly a little underrated. It’s Britney’s least favored lead single, besides maybe ‘Make Me...’ from Glory. However, it’s an absolutely perfect track to if you’re in the mood to dance to a Britney song. ‘(I Got That) Boom Boom (ft. Ying Yang Twins)’ is another decent track to follow up. ... read more
Nov 4, 2018
Considering everything that had been going on with Britney around the time this album came out, this is truly excellent work.

The album does open up with pretty much all the singles. 'Gimme More,' 'Piece Of Me,' 'Radar' (A Circus single but still), and 'Break The Ice.' I really think these are all extremely strong songs, but it leaves the latter half of the album to fend off as a bit weaker.

'Heaven On Earth' was actually quite a surprise. When I first heard the song, I didn't like it that ... read more
Nov 4, 2018*
It was called a flop, and I can reasonably see why. There were plenty of mediocre or bad tracks, but there are some great ones here as well.

'Aura' is just plain weird. I love Gaga's vocals at the chorus, but the verses are just complete bonkers. 'Venus' and 'G.U.Y.' are really good tracks. They both exude the energy that a lot of ARTPOP was lacking. I wish more songs would've given the energy that these two tracks give.

'Sexxx Dreams is a little underwhelming for me, at least. I can't get ... read more
Nov 4, 2018*
Bubblebath contains Poppy's strongest work to date. While keeping the mature content that would later appear on 'Am I A Girl?' in its lyrics, it didn't dive into the internet persona that was Poppy. It was just... music!

'Lowlife' has some beautifully crafted lyrics, an amazing beat, and remains Poppy's most popular song to date. 'Money' contains maybe just a bit too much autotune, but is a greatly-crafted song, like the one before. 'American Kids,' which may be a surprise, is the highlight of ... read more
Nov 4, 2018*
I feel as though this could have been something more. Some of Poppy's lyrics sound very off throughout the songs, like she just sang to sang with music being drawn up afterward to fit in. But, there are some great tracks here, too.

The first four tracks of the album tackle sort of more fashionable topics. These songs include lead single 'In A Minute', 'Fashion After All,' 'Iconic,' and 'Chic Chick.' This section is a little boring, as 'In A Minute' is only a decent track, 'Fashion After All' ... read more
Nov 4, 2018*
Ariana takes on a new direction throughout this album, and while it's a little bit different and risky, it's spawned some of her best work.

Whether it's the introduction, 'raindrops (an angel cried),' with beautifully stunning vocals, or singles 'no tears left to cry' and 'breathin',' the album has some of Ariana's best work to date.
However, some things don't sit down well with this album.

First of all, the collabs are some of the weakest tracks on the album. 'blazed (ft. pharell)' has a ... read more
Nov 4, 2018*
Emma really hit this one out of the park. While I never really listened to her music from all but one song in the past, I wasn't sure about whether or not to listen. Alas, I did.

The album opens up with 'Villains Pt. 1,' a dark, but the overall very good track, and serves as a great opener to the rest of the album's messages and content, despite being darker than the rest of the songs in tone.

The next few songs aren't too interesting to have much said about them until the soft ballad ... read more
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