AOTY 2022
Souza, Aplete & Red Grooves - Hand In Hand
This is my favorite song of yours, the beautiful instrumental gives you a lot of room to play w your flows, the whole structure is just great and as always speaking from the heart! Love it!
Souza & M27 - Blessed
Damn, I mean I witnessed part of the craft and it's a beautiful thing to see the final result. I can't lie, there's a part in which I'm confused with the switch of pace in the end, but it is just a haunting track man, and 100% original music, no samples! Thanks for sharing the process w me Tito.
Nas - King's Disease III
My GOAT is Jay cause he got bars & musicality almost on every damn project he ever did. If we talk BARS, there's no question in my mind, Nas it is, the best rapper to ever do it, period.

I've been critical of Hit-Boy's work here and there, but he actually is the perfect fit for Nas, just the right beats for him to shine, it's obvious that he's gonna get overshadowed, Nas has overshadowed every producer he's ever rapped for, but this tandem works. I'll repeat myself, Nas could rap until ... read more

Drake & 21 Savage - Her Loss
Hair Loss

* I do enjoy this shit, there's really great highs in it, the lows ain't that bad, but Drake is using 21's name to his benefit haahahaha, this is not a collab album. But damn, Middle of the Ocean is a top 3 Drake song of all time tho, he ain't rapped like that since 2015, I'll take it I guess.

Nicholas Britell - Succession: Season 3
Honesty is such a lonely word.
Roc Marciano & The Alchemist - The Elephant Man's Bones
5-6 years wondering if this shit could ever happen... LOOK NO FURTHER MOTHERFUCKERS, ALBUM OF THE MOTHERFUCKING YEAR!

Uh, I made murder sexy

Your Old Droog - Yodney Dangerfield
When I was born I was so ugly the doctor slapped my mother.
Souza - Hold On, It’s Not Over
You fucking go Tito, goddamn!
Black Thought & Danger Mouse - Cheat Codes
This album is hotter than a 2 dollar pistol. Holy crow!
The Game - Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind
The Game huhhh?
A fucking legend? YES!
Is this shit too long for its own good? You're goddamn right!
Did I get some bops out of it? Absolutely!


76-ish is fair enough I'd say, I did have a good meal w this one ๐Ÿ’…


Don't be funny with my money, honey ๐Ÿ’…

Flo Milli - You Still Here, Ho?
I'm a simple motherfucker ayt? If u got some fucking personality, u rap nice, and u start and close your album with fucking Tiffany "New York" Pollard, I'm just gonna fuck w it. Simple.

Flo Milli shit is my shit, definitely.

DJ Premier - Hip Hop 50, Vol. 1
I need me a Slick Rick & Lil Wayne album all of a sudden, Jesus!
Steve Lacy - Gemini Rights
Good job Mr. Lacy, good goddamn job!
Westside Gunn - Peace "Fly" God
Same old same old, slow start but I did enjoy this thing.

And them Madlib beats thoooo, gaaaadaaaamn.


Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry on Their Own
I miss you Amy, goddamnit.
French Montana & Harry Fraud - Montega
This shit is gas, top to bottom, I'm so fucking glad I really paid attention to French, he fucking shut my clown ass mouth ๐Ÿคก!! Fucking great record, so enjoyable.

Kind of Girl and Bricks & Bags are fantastic, both on my favorite songs this year without a doubt.

Logic - Vinyl Days
Oh boy, I can't complain about anything in this album. This shit is a 71 minutes homage to hip-hop, where Logic raps his fucking ass off on every single track, the beats are fucking fantastic, and Deluxe goddamn features (and Wiz Khalifa). Thank you Logic, I fucking needed this, I never believed but here the fuck it is and it's fantastic, idk what else to say.
Joji - Glimpse of Us
This song is gorgeous and the video is fucking perfection, I love this, not much songs give me goosebumps. There has to be something really fucking extraordinary to dethrone this as my song of the year.

I always had faith in Franku, one of a kind motherfucker.

Yung Gravy - Betty (Get Money)
It was about goddamn time, someone fucking sampled the Rick Roll!
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On LilBIsGod's review of Kodak Black - Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1
"I completely agree bro, to me the best one of that class is 21 tho hahaha then Yak! I gotta spin this one, nice to see u fw it."
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"u know I love you and I respect your taste @BruhMan but naaaaaaah, this shit is trash and I stand by my words, worst song of the year lmao"
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On Black Thought & Danger Mouse - Cheat Codes
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On Ryannn's review of Drake - Honestly, Nevermind
"I don't have an issue with Drake himself, I even enjoyed part of CLB quite much tbh. I get your point though, I don't think this album was a bad idea how it was planned, but the issue I have is it feels more than rushed, the production feels so damn saturated, it sounds bad, my headphones are nice and it's unbelievable that on those fucking things the bass to sound so saturated, it sounds like dust, like I downloaded it recorded from a random phone on LimeWire."
On Logic - Vinyl Days
"@BruhMan ๐Ÿ˜‚"
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"Cashed out on a brand new whip I did not go to a dealership (nope) Check out the cowboy drip (damn) Peanut butter leather kangaroo hide grip Black chaps with a holster on my hip If you blowin' smoke, like tobacco, I'ma dip I been feelin' real country and western (yeehaw) Shots fired, anybody wanna test her?"
On Joji - Glimpse of Us
"thank u sir @MattsReviews :)"

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