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Naoto Kubo, Shiho Fujii, & Koji Kondo - Super Mario Odyssey Original Soundtrack
Nov 22, 2019
Man what a fucking game this is. During 2018 I got my Nintendo Switch and at the time I didn’t get too many games. I had Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Breath Of The Wild, two games I love but ended up being Good. Good isn’t bad but I would expect an AMAZING game especially from Nintendo. So when I heard of a new 3D Mario Game I was excited.

I’ve played several Mario games before and I’m a big fan, I love the original Super Mario Bros and I love Super Mario World. Yeah the franchise has recently been falling down due to lackluster Wii U and 3DS games. Those aren’t thatttttt bad, but come on releasing the same game like four times is just annoying and disrespecting the huge fanbase.

OK so first there is “New Super Mario Bros” for the 3DS
Then you have “New Super Mario Bros” for the Wii which is a new game not a port. After that you have “New Super Mario Bros 2” for the 3DS and it’s not a sequel to the Wii game which is its own release. THEN in the same year there was “New Super Mario Bros U” for the Wii U. Wait there is one more “New Super Luigi U” for the Wii U. Nintendo didn’t know where to go with the Mario Games but then Odyssey came.

Holy Fucking shit the concept is great, it takes the Mario Galaxy ability and makes it crazy. The story is a bit different from the usual “Fat Man saves Princess from Turtle” now it’s “Man Tries to Marry Princess before Turtle”. Or just the plot for the first SHREK Movie.

You can turn into anything, A Goomba, a tank, a 🗿, a fucking tree. There is so much here, so much creativity and fun puzzles, it’s not always too easy but it becomes addictive fast. The Bosses are either cute or WHO THE FUCK PUT A DARK SOULS BOSS IN MARIO.
The Controls are tight, it reminds me heavily of Mario 64, OH WAIT.

Fan Service is all over the place, there are several parts of the game where it turns original Mario Bros 2D style, or how about the Shop in the game that lets you wear Mario 64 costumes and hat styles.

The soundtrack is cinematic and explosive, every area has its own unique rememberable sounds that hit the atmosphere of the game very well. No matter where you go there is well done music making you feel like you’re truly on a grand adventure.

There is much to do in the game, overall it’s one of the best new Mario games. Everything is superb if you have a switch and you already haven’t played this game get it now. You won’t regret the decision.

(A bit of a long review, but I love doing these. I’ll go back to normal reviews soon)
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Nov 22, 2019
@KingKRoolisBack thx so much, recently I’ve been bored from the recent releases, but when something like Bad Vibes Forever comes out im going to start making longer reviews. Again Thx I love your account
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