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Whitewoods - Spaceship Earth
Synthpop, Chillwave, Hypnagogic Pop, Vaporwave
Extremely Chill.
Best Song: Beach Walk and Fantasy Mind
ICYTWAT - Dior Junts
Cloud Rap, Trap
Cold beats with iconic Souncloud features like Tracy, Kray, and $ilkmoney
Best Song: Samsung Shawty and PS42WW$
Home - Before The Night
Synthwave, Chillwave
Surprisingly low rating despite its popularity. Nostalgic listens and has a great atmosphere.
Best Song: We're Finally Landing
|M|O|O|N| - MOON
Tech House, Electro House
Part of the Hotline Miami soundtrack, if you've played the game then you know how intoxicating and psychotic the EP sounds.
Best Song: Hydrogen
Resavoir - Resavoir
Nu Jazz
Really smooth and warm jazz, an extremely relaxing experience. Bonus points for the last two songs having perfect vocals.
Best Song: Escalator
Vegyn - Text While Driving If You Want to Meet God!
Ambient, Electronic
The 71-track mixtape is full of minimalistic, soothing beats that should definitely be played on a night drive.
Best Song:
80's Nihtmare Setup (127.136 BPM)
FET.NAT - Le Mal
Experimental Rock, No Wave
An extremely unique experience with weird samples.
Best Track: Your World Is My Mystery Gift
Kill Bill: the Rapper - Ramona
Jazz Rap, Abstract Hip Hop
A really nerdy rap release with one of the best voices in rap carries early Tyler the Creator influence and has great writing.
Best Song: Dream Eater
Luxury Elite / Saint Pepsi - Late Night Delight
Vaporwave, Future Funk
An essential to the vaporware genre and a classic for sure. It's fun and catchy and replayable to death.
Best Song: Enjoy Yourself (duh)
Freddie Dredd - Variety Pack EP, Vol. 1
Memphis Rap
Some violent ass Memphis-inspired rap with amazing beats and vocals by Freddie Dredd. Samples are out of this world.
Best song: Endless Sea
Slim Guerilla - Blue Light Cemetary 1995
Memphis Rap, Southern Hip Hop
Genshin produces some great phonk beats and Slim Guerilla makes a very vintage-sounding tape. It sounds like something you would find on some dirty cassette.
18 Carat Affair - Vintage Romance
Vaporwave, Synth Funk, Hypnagogic Pop, Chillwave.
Amazing vaporwave and another classic to add to the list. Shit atmospheric as hell and one of the best for its time
Best Track: Paid Programming
ESPRIT 空想 - Summer Night
Vaporwave Chillwave
Geroge Clanton's different name where he primarily focuses on instrumentals, really psychedelic experience.
Best Song: Pizza Day
Soudiere - Pirelli, Vol. 3
Phonk, Instrumental Hip Hop, Trap
First real Phonk entry and it's by the legendary French producer Soudiere. If you're a fan of chopped and screwed with classic Memphis songs then you will definitely love this.
Best Song: Lost My Mind Pt. 2
DJ Smokey - Adventures in Nightmare Land
Phonk, Trap
My absolute favorite Phonk album by DJ Smokey, he's produced for Black Kray and many legendary Soundcloud songs. Extremely drugged-out beats with a unique use of samples, definitely a fantastic Halloween album.
Best Song: Kill Everybody
Kill Bill: the Rapper - RESIN
Experimental Hip Hop, Abstract Hip Hop
Kill Bill definitely tries out a bunch of new styles, not just in one album but in a single track. Sometimes it's smooth other times its bass boosted and hard. Definitely love it and the nerdy-ass sense of humor, though it's somewhat dated.
Best Song: Prisms
Freddie Dredd - Zoro / Pure Imagination
Memphis Rap
This is only a single but one of my favorite songs by Freddie Dredd. Amazing use of the Pure Imagination sample and really replayable
Nickelus F & Shawn Kemp - Trick Dice
Southern Hip Hop, Cloud Rap
A cloud rap essential with amazing production from Travis Miller (Lil Ugly Mane) also Nickelus F flows on the beats perfectly.
Best Song: Oedipus Rex
AFK - Network
Industrial Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop, Trap Metal
Some hard as fuck music with one of the best trap metal production, impossible to not get excited listening.
Best Song: PSA
Autistic Boys Money Clan - Cash Sphere Penitentiary
Southern Hip Hop, Horrorcore, Experimental Hip Hop
Uh, it's definitely edgy, main reason I listened was because of the apparent connection with the WorldCorp ARG. It has some fantastic beats, but some meh vocal performances sometimes. The instrumental tracks are amazing.
Best Song: 240P
Ghostemane - N / O / I / S / E
Industrial Hip Hop, Trap Metal
If you like some of the older SuicideBoys EPS then you will definitely enjoy this. Really noisy, aggressive, and had lots of yelling. Not for everyone but I find it to be an enjoyable big metal influence.
Best Song: Nihil
Sewerslvt - Drowning In The Sewer
Atmospheric Drum and Bass, Space Ambient, Hardcore Breaks, Jungle
Such a depressing album for not having any lyrics, it's heartbreaking and definitely a chilling listen. Complex drum and bass and a fantastic release from a pretty awful person.
Best Song: Lolibox
ICYTWAT - Icytwat Radio
Instrumental Hip Hop, Trap, Cloud Rap, Vaportrap
Minimalistic beat tape from all of ICYTWAT's best songs, I think the long run time compliments the listening even better. Over time you just cloud out.
Best Song: Talk Remix
Rocci & Ramirez - THA PLAYA$ MANUAL
G-Funk, West Coast Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap
There hasn't been an artist who sounds like Ramirez recently, the guy went from the trap metal sound that popularized many Soundcloud rappers to this really cute, funky, smooth rap release. Defiantly check it out.
Best Song: Lavender Lust
Meyhem Lauren & Harry Fraud - Glass
East Coast Hip Hop, Cloud Rap
The beats on here are legitimately some of the best I've ever heard. Like some sound so much like vaporwave, it's crazy. If you love Benny the Butcher you will fall in love with this album, Harry Fraud has been on several of his tracks. Conway and Gunn are both on it, I don't have to say anything else.
Best Song: Lexus in the Lobby
death's dynamic shroud.wmv - Live From Japan
Vaporwave and Ambient.
My favorite DDS release and the one that's actually gotten me to tear up a little while listening. There is just so much happening in one listen, it's the most dynamic (lmao) vaporwave release ever with a life-changing experience.
Best Song: Rare Emoji Collection
Industrial Hip Hop
Some really fucked songs here, not as disturbing but with production. The noisy production feels dirty and the whole experience feels like fighting someone who just smoked crack to the death with a pizza cutter.
Best Song: Lego
Six Impala - WFLYTD
Bubblegum Bass, Hyperpop, Electronic
A really weird hyper pop album that sounds lush and manic at the same time consistently. A really entertaining listen that has some cute songs with colorful production and vocals.
Best Song: Toy Car
Weiland - Weiland
Trap, Pop Rap, Southern Hip Hop, Cloud Rap
Weiland is my favorite underground rapper, or at least was because now he is more into synthpop. This was during the transitional phase from pack runner to 35-year-old vintage dude. Some good trap cuts like Haha and Love Drug. The beats are super cool and impressive for someone who is this small in the scene. Over and Over and Hellcat have such great products it's shocking and it never feels like Weiland is being carried.
Best Song: Over and Over
Rav - I'M ON TO ME
Abstract Hip Hop, Jazz Rap
Rav is one of the bigger artists in the Exo rap group and his quick flows were always hit or miss with me and sometimes brought his tracks down. I'M ON TO ME is way more laid back with great jazzy beats and a lo-fi feel that carries nice comforting lyrics about anxiety.
Best Song: Dandelions
Daniels Gone - dmos
Experimental Hip-Hop, Abstract Hip Hop
THE most underrated album of all time, so underrated it has like no plays at all. It's like I found treasure and I don't wanna the gatekeep to check this shit out now. There are lyrics about narcissism and it's done in a really clever way. I haven't heard the album in months and I can still remember what the beats sounded like.
Best Song: I Am Here For Your Entertainment
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great list love the jvcki wai and 42 dugg/est gee picks
lot of this is outdated wow
Icytwat is goatedddddd
great list a lot of these are really underrated
good list

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