SUPER SECRET DIARY (shhh) listening journal

I review without actually reviewing because I don't like reviewing and I also use this just to say what I heard every day and what I'm doing!

Moh Baretta - DOGMA II
will he ever miss? 31 tracks in and no he won't.
Black Thought & Danger Mouse - Cheat Codes
Even though I don't fuck with some of these as hard as others, Black Thought went crazy. I don't know too much about the production, to be honest, they fit really well but I feel like the mixing sometimes has problems. The beats sometimes are just not really all that interesting but I guess Black Thought makes it work.
Danny L Harle - HARLECORE
ever since I went to rym now I've been finding insane as fuck music like every single time, it's so great. I rarely see any of these types of genres on AOTY and it's because they have below 50 ratings.
also, check this shit out if you haven't rave till you're dead
Young Nudy - Anyways
sometimes is see my hip hop ratings and think I'm looking like a dick cause I hate on new trap a lot then realize all my fav shit is in the yellows. T.T i don't get it how can someone like tjay get so much attention while nudy gets like 1/8th of the same listeners?
Trshckdbl - Cyber Overblast
oh wow a good atmospheric drum n bass album? I'm actually surprised cause I'm so tired of seeing mfs with the same covers and names, it's like corny as fuck but this managed to be good for the most part. Breakcore has really been blowing up crazy lately so I'm hoping better and better projects come through.
Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children
getting a dj controller made me wanna check out some electronic albums that i been meaning to fully listen to. Boards of Canada is like a household name for IDM and it's offensive of me to not even listen to an entire album fully by them. If i could ever make shit like this you would never hear me shutting up about it.
DJ Screw - Bigtyme Vol II: All Screwed Up
LMAO the most popular and celebrated chopped and screwed album on AOTY has only 80 ratings HOW THE FUCKKKK. Anyways check it out pregnant bitch is a top 50 hip hop all time 🖖
Acidgvrl - A$ID CITY
oh boy how original, an atmospheric drum and bass album with passable sampling and boring production hip hip horayyyy
DaBaby & YoungBoy Never Broke Again - BETTER THAN YOU
WHY THE FUCK IS HIT INSANE GOOD, shit is definitely a carti rip-off but that shit really went hard. Rest of the album is really boring but that was probably my fav YoungBoy song
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - The Last Slimeto
tolerance test is incoming gonna listen to the whole thing cause why not, if it sucks a lot imma skimming through a couple of the songs. I don't usually skip stuff, I only do it after the 50% mark.
Warren Hue - BOY OF THE YEAR
I honestly should like this because it has everything I would typically like in a pop rap album but maybe that's the problem. Warren Hue doesn't carry his own sound, much of this is just baby keem and kinda slowthai. Production is fun at points though and there seem to be a few sunny hits here.
Bobby Shmurda - Bodboy
this was such a shit ep, never seen a highly respected rapper fall off so hard so fast
Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2
I'm so disappointed, like why did I actually wait for this to drop? I STOPPED MYSELF FROM LISTENING TO THE SINGLES CAUSE OF EXCITEMENT, it's Calvin harris why did I do that? Painfully boring, not a single groove here, nobody knew what they were doing here. Like Busta Rhymes over a Calvin harris beat was so confusing, the other artists like Halsey and Pharrel didn't do well either. I would boo in front of this mfs face so loud if i saw him
ShittyBoyz - Trifecta 2
not feeling this one nearly as much as the first one but the punches are still so fucking funny. Especially on Senzu bean, they didn't have a single bad bar on that one. Plus Dee was actually mixed in normally for once and wasn't quiet for no reason. This was probably quickly made cause they noticed Tron is blowing up and wanted to make something for the whole group, really good idea cause the whole trio deserves attention.

It's good but probably one of the worst SB albums in a while now, Video Games got a great beat though wish they had more stuff like that, not too big of a fan when they use generic beats.
$uicideboy$ - Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation
I didn't update this shit in like two months cause I got so burnt out and returned to reviewing, back to being lazy so imma use this to make mini reviews and stuff on new releases without having to flood the comments.

GODDDDD they haven't sounded this good, ever. I listen to a lot of the duo mainly cause I like the Memphis-inspired rap and the beats but nothing is all that special most of the time. This album however was so different, production-wise it was great, the beats were lively and fit them perfectly every single time. They still contained those classic samples I always like from Memphis hip hop. They're still edgy but I didn't even mind it cause it was such a fun time, honestly great I could see my score going higher.
Loathe - The Cold Sun
got burned out YET again most likely because I have been using an random number generator and i keep getting metal and rock albums that Im just not interested in. I have to go back to just my normal stuff.
Gorillaz - Cracker Island
something about people venting so openly to the internet makes me deeply worried. There is nothing wrong with expressing those emotions to a community that loves you, but I've seen some people get death threats for the smallest shit. Some people are too comfortable and I'm just worried nothing happens to them.
Weiland - Vices
REVIEWWW is coming sooon for this, i posted it then deleted it cause i was like omg this shit is ass and decided to give it more time. I've been ACTUALLY doing weekly stuff which i am proud of too.
quinn - i'm going insane
not that this shit is bad, it's pretty good but goddamnnnnnnnnnnn i don't like the rapping here. It's not really an original style and the lyrics are trying so hard to be more impactful than they really are, the interludes are great and the mixes are fun but other than that this isn't as unique as others say it is.
UnoTheActivist - Limbus 2.5
This is probably just a couple of unfinished tracks that were leaked and he just decided to release them. Really low effort and cheap as hell.
ALSO, I'm gonna try to update this more, I swear I just put my shit on the comments but I feel better using the list instead even if nobody sees it. It's been a week since I wrote something and I feel like I'm back to just being demotivated. Just not feeling it.
Drake -  Honestly, Nevermind
I might do an entire review on this album but to be honest I feel like everything I said in my recent review still fits. He continues to just do the most background type of music ever, the production is lovely and everyone making fun of the squeaking made me confused cause it's used so often. The worst part was easily drake's vocals, AND LYRICS OH MY GOD IT'S SO ANNOYING. He's trying so hard to be this toxic guy but he's just a respectable dude with a whole kid. Still i can see myself totally liking this in like a few months prob.
Logic - Vinyl Days
YOOOOOOOO he actually did it pretty well. I think some of his lyrics are still repetitive, and a few of these songs are just him being like "I CAN RAP UHUH YOU DIDNT THINK I CAN BUT I CAN + FUCK YOU". Other than that this is mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
BabyTron - Euphoria
XXL IS LAME AS HELL BUT GODDAMN THEY DID IT! THEY GOT TRONNNNNNNNNN and Kaycyy and Faygo. To be honest this gotta be the best list they've made in the past 2 to 3 years. All I need in this world right now is for Babyface Ray and Tron to be in the same cypher then i can die happy
Five Pebbles - forgetmenot
6/13 shit my bad I haven't been keeping up with this, I literally haven't been listening to that much music as of late. I got a letterbox account and have been watching movies and shit, and I have concluded that the website is a complete ass. The layout is terrible, profiles look ugly no matter what, everyone is a dickhead and hates each other, the top reviews are corny jokes, and hides good features behind a paywall. WHO THE FUCK IS GONNA PAY FOR LETTERBOX. Anyways the new top gun is excellent and this EP is also neat.
Father - Young Hot Ebony 2
6/11 GREW ON ME LIKE CRAZY WHAt i love father and the whole awful records shit i just hope they released more stuff. Seeing people be like eh to Father is so confusing cause i thought people would actually like this stuff
Drakeo The Ruler - Cold Devil
6/10 THIS THAT REAL MUSIC MANNNNNNNNNN you have no idea how badly i wanna give this a 90.
Freddie Dredd - Wrath
July 9
godddddammnnnn finally he's back at it, i like it like it. Hyped towards the new album i just hope he doesn't do the whole "freddie dredd now you're dead" thing a billion times because he has a tendency of just saying the same thing a lot
leroy - dariacore 2: enter here, hell to the left
6/8 OKAY NOW I GET IT, it's not that i didn't like the other dariacore stuff it's just this one was way better than the others. I like the mashups more and it wasn't as all over the place. Chaos perfection
SoFaygo - After Me
6/7 crazy i been keeping up with underground shit for a long time and i never actually listened to this ep fully. It's pretty good i 100% get the hype, still pissed at his label not making him release anything new all that hype is gone.
funeral - eviscerated
very rewarding to see people comment on my writing it's nice to see a few comments every now and then. Got me thinking like if I actually did this more regularly and was more active with people in the community how i would be doing. got the worst method for working which is "if i don't care i don't work" so that's not gonna happen and i don't message others because i feel like im bothering or something.
Lil Tracy - Saturn Child
damn wasn't expecting to give this such a high rating honestly though tracy fell off but nah this was pretty fun.
Lil Darkie - SWAMP
6/6 the fact that i actually used to listen to lil darkie in 2020 is crazy to me. I went from not liking the guy to loving him back to not liking him in a span of 5 months. he has some good production and decent performances, but sometimes he comes off too annoying and serious for the type of music he's making.
YUNG BAE - Groove Continental: Side A
6/5 going through stuffff so im probably not gonna be posting as much now. Yung bae brings a lot of good memories though of like 2016-2018, those years were amazing and i got super into vaporwave when it was at its most creative. Future Funk later came and kinda just took over but im curious on how this is gonna sound
Dr. Dre - Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre
Dre making music past the 2010s sounds like fantasy, and I completely forgot about this soundtrack. It sounds kinda timeless, to be honest. Some of these songs are so hype, I hope he makes another album before he retires or stops making music. I WOULDN'T BE SUPRISED IF THIS YEAR WE GET SOMETHING BIG.
Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at Me
june 2nd school is over and this is the first thing i choose to listen to. not the most summer feeling album...
Septic Karnage - Dehumanization Decay
this is actually like...despicable I can't tell if it's making fun of itself or not but at the same time I don't really care cause either way it sounds horrible. if you like pigs squealing and 19 year old dudes thinking they're funny then here?
Björk - Homogenic
June 1st i heard this before but listening after a long day felt like heaven. In my classics era right now don't talk to me
Yabujin - Early Works Bootleg
ohfuckohshit im getting addicted to yabujin again i cant let this happen
Nick Drake - Pink Moon
goddamn i know im always hating on shit lately but this is like so fucking good why did it take me so long to listen
Acid Souljah - Based Boy Billionaire
there was a point in time where i only listened to SoundCloud rappers like this because i was so mad by mainstream artists. now im kinda bored of souljah's sound he doesn't change it ever.
Trdee & BabyTron - Dookie Brothers 2
May 31 i know tr dee is like known as the worst member of shitty boyz but his newest album is better than Stan's and he would be more loved if his vocals were mixed better he always gets fucked up
Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs
another year another listen and i totally get the reason why it's praised but i dont enjoy it that much tbh it sounds so limited
iann dior - on to better things
may 30 woooo it's out i actually feel accomplished crazy. Makes my day seeing nice comments and actually feeling motivated to make a taylor swift review i been meaning to do for like 3 months.
Acid Souljah - Failurecore
may 29
worked on a whole ass review then i read it again and was like
ew wtf so im gonna redo it rn plus stream acid souljah
Quadeca - From Me To You
omg dude i dont wanna come off like an asshole but WHAT IS IT WITH THIS ALBUM
it seems like something a lot of people on the site would make fun of tbh. i don't get
Madchild - Super Beast
may 28
seriously im tired of albums trying hard to fit in a message in their album without connecting it to their lyrics or songs. this just annoying lil wayne :l
Paramore - After Laughter
i think being forced to go to really shitty clothing stores made me permanently hate this type of music and find it annoying
Kitty - Frostbite
fuckkk i should probably update that gems list but i just cant bother right nowwwww but im in a super big synthpop mood right now. I wanna listen to some kitty and play binding of Isaac all cozy
Desire - II
5 27!
oh my goodness it's my last week of school. Not really all that stressed cause I'm doing fine, but more excited that I can finally write more. it's been the main thing that's holding me back.
YUKIKA - timeabout,
gonna be on my kpop phase rn all my friends are suggesting stuff and it's pretty good :)
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L take on After Laughter but you're not wrong
dariacore is on streaming services! just search for c0ncernn
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